Immortals Fenyx Rising - Assassin's Cartoon of The Wild

“A fresh and witty take on the open world action adventure genre!”

Looked like cartoon Assassin’s Creed to me…

Is it sort of Breath of the Wildish?

Love the look and style! I’m looking forward to this one

Yeah, looks interesting, and way more interesting than the initial reveal a year ago.
Its clearly Breath of the Wild inspired, but thats fine - should be interesting to see their take.

Counterpoint (everything in the article):

That’s why I nodded to both Breath of the Wild and Assassin’s Creed. It’s obviously very much a product of both games.

It’s interesting to see Ubisoft get a lot of mileage out of the recent AC engine, down to the inventory and skill menus.

Cool, I think I’d dig a Ubi-formula take on Breath of the Wild.

I wish they’d taken more influence from Zelda’s wonderfully solemn tone though… that trailer music, and (according to Ars) the non-stop jokey juvenile irreverance attempts - ugh!

I guess I understand why you’d lean on an existing mythology, but using Greek mythology here seems kind of lazy.

I would love an original spin on a BOTW-style game, but Ubi seems to just be directly copying Nintendo’s design right down to the player abilities. Like this looks exactly like magnesis:

To be more accurate they’re copying the same set of things BotW copied, no?

I honestly can’t remember playing a game with the same combo of mechanics as BOTW beforehand. The climbing and gliding, in particular, both felt very novel.

And in case anyone’s skimming and not clicking: this is the game announced last year under the title Gods and Monsters.

Here’s the whole gameplay video:

I’ve never played BOTW, so I’m ok with a clone!

I remember certain people at Qt3 getting really mad at Darksiders for copying Zelda mechanics and gameplay mechanics from other games. My attitude was: they’re copying the good stuff and leaving out the stuff I don’t like, so I’m all for it. I ended up loving Darksiders. (I haven’t played any of the sequels yet).

Darksiders 2 is a lot more open… to its detriment, in many ways. It does improve in combat and other areas, but pacing and structure suffer as a consequence. I’d say it’s still worth playing if you liked the first one - just don’t expect the same thing.

Darksiders 3 I haven’t played yet. Maybe one day.

BTW, Darksiders Origins is pretty fun, even more so if you liked Darksiders 1. The isometric view complicates things a little bit, but I enjoyed what little I played of it.

Oh, man, this looks awesome.

On one hand, this has no appeal for me at all… on the other if I think of it as the PC version of BotW, which I vaguely understand is a Nintendo favourite, then it rounds out a RDR2 / HZD / BotW trifecta. Sort of a console greatest hits for the PC :)

Just realised I could do a month’s Uplay+ to zip through Far Cry 6, and maybe take a look then…

It seems like an odd direction to me though. Were people really thinking, Hmm, Ubigames - the problem they have is with the art style… I was not thinking that.

Never Breathed the Wild despite being a big Switch enthusiast and fan of the one Zelda game I’ve really played (Wind Waker), but this looks cool to me. I’m a bit of a dork for Greek mythology, and this looks less obnoxiously hardcore than the various Gods of War.

I liked the look of it from the gameplay video above. The combat looks fun, and the setting looks more appealing than Breath of the Wild to me.