Immortals Fenyx Rising - Assassin's Cartoon of The Wild

I don’t think Ubisoft had any misgivings about how this game is directly influenced by BotW.

Oh, not at all. I think they’ll do everything short of renaming the game “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Zelda”!

I thought this might be cool to have on the Switch - but boy oofta is that rough looking compared to the normal version. I might have been okay if it was just a little less clarity on the textures and fewer objects rendered in general, but the colors look super washed out with the “fog” they try to use to hide everything.

After I play more Fenyx I’ll have to watch the video. I bought a Switch when we were in France, along with BotW but I didn’t play it much. When we got back, I didn’t use the Switch much and ended up selling it. I kinda wish I had at least finished or at least played more of BotW because I’m really liking Fenyx.

I picked it up on the Switch… it’s nowhere close to BotW with regards to technical proficiency… the fog of war and muddiness is bad. TBH, I would refund it if possible and get it on the PS4 instead.

Oh, that sucks, I’m sorry to hear it. :( It’s the lack of vibrant colors I think that hurts it the most, which is puzzling as I can’t imagine brighter greens would have cost the GPU anything - I suspect it’s a byproduct of how they try to reduce view distance. Very poorly implemented, which is a huge bummer as I’d have liked this on the go.

Pick up Shiren on the Switch instead, it will be a balm to sooth your wounds.

This is pretty neat, but man I really hate puzzles. Figuring out how to get into every damn peasant’s house with a loot chest in AC:Valhalla was bad enough.

Oh boy. If you hate puzzles, you might want to skip this. They’re everywhere.

That is really holding me back. I don’t mind a sprinkling of them but man they can get on my nerves.

That can happen to me too. But, from what little I’ve played so far, they’re interspersed well with other things like exploration and combat. That said, I haven’t played enough to say how constant or not they would be.

I feel like a dummy, but I can’t figure out how to remove the fog from the map on the Hall of Heroes (2nd) Island. I don’t see any statue to climb from the top of the Hall. I like to remove the fog, but not do the far vision thing.

Edit: Never mind, it was part of the area unveiled by one of the god statues.

Anyone have feedback on whether this is better on PC vs Playstation? I know not to get the Switch version and could get either of the others, but would rather not add to the existing store fragmentation by purchasing from Ubisoft (unless I really should).


I can’t speak to the PS4 version, but the PC version has been solid. I had one crash in 6ish hours, but I haven’t had any other type of issue with it.

You don’t have to purchase from ubi on PC. It’s on Epic and Microsoft stores, minimum

Even if you don’t have to buy from Ubi, you’re still going to need to make a UPlay/Ubisoft connect account to play anyway…so…find the best deal you can, but in the end you’re going to be going through the Ubi client, regardless of which service you buy it from.

Yeah that’s what I meant but didn’t explain well. It’s ultimately an Ubi client game if you buy it on PC at all.

Played a bit of this tonight. It’s ok so far. I like the combat personally and like the graphics a lot more than BotW. Lots of banter which I ignore.

For me, this is the best part of the game. Humor is definitely a missing component of Ubi games (and of most games.) Very welcome here.

No I do get that…every review said it was enjoyable and had lots of humor…I guess I’m so used to skipping dialogue in most games, It’s hard to take the time to read or listen. It didn’t help that my kid was playing music and talking to me the whole time I was playing last night.

Going to play this till CP2077 hits. My ubiplus thing ends on the 9th. Its much more fun then AC Valhalla and I am usually a sucker for everything viking. That said, the small amount of fast travel points is a annoying already as there is a lot of area to travel through again and with the stamina restrictions it can be tedious. I also don’t like the “better movement” animations for swimming or climbing at all. Overall very enjoyable and even laugh worthy at times though. It’s great it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Right now I am out of potion supplies after a fight against some elite enemies now. I suck at the combat and may need to reduce the difficulty from normal. Still at the starter area trying to do the island pillar area before moving on to Aphrodites place.