Immortals Fenyx Rising - Assassin's Cartoon of The Wild

Yeah that’s what I meant but didn’t explain well. It’s ultimately an Ubi client game if you buy it on PC at all.

Played a bit of this tonight. It’s ok so far. I like the combat personally and like the graphics a lot more than BotW. Lots of banter which I ignore.

For me, this is the best part of the game. Humor is definitely a missing component of Ubi games (and of most games.) Very welcome here.

No I do get that…every review said it was enjoyable and had lots of humor…I guess I’m so used to skipping dialogue in most games, It’s hard to take the time to read or listen. It didn’t help that my kid was playing music and talking to me the whole time I was playing last night.

Going to play this till CP2077 hits. My ubiplus thing ends on the 9th. Its much more fun then AC Valhalla and I am usually a sucker for everything viking. That said, the small amount of fast travel points is a annoying already as there is a lot of area to travel through again and with the stamina restrictions it can be tedious. I also don’t like the “better movement” animations for swimming or climbing at all. Overall very enjoyable and even laugh worthy at times though. It’s great it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Right now I am out of potion supplies after a fight against some elite enemies now. I suck at the combat and may need to reduce the difficulty from normal. Still at the starter area trying to do the island pillar area before moving on to Aphrodites place.

I only played the first island so far but I will probably like this feature. I’m always reluctant to use fast travel in games as it always feels like cheating to me for some reason. So I’m down with a compromise where fast travel exists but doesn’t feel like I’m just zapping around the map to hoover up icons.

I also like the approach to map icons where you have to discover each one individually. That way each waypoint feels earned rather than short-cutty.

I feel like this game has loads of elegant compromises where they didn’t have to jettison too much of the Ubi formula but just iterated to minimize the common complaints. And a new series/tone/game-world is quite welcome and honestly overdue. Thumbs up.

The game still works for me even though I’m not using farsight to scan for icons. The main quests are on there, but I’ve been able to just discover things by heading towards anything that looks interesting. It’s never works so well in an Ubi game before. I’m lovin’ this game.

In case you didn’t realize this, when you do a vault, it becomes a fast travel point. So do moar vaults. :)


I did not, thanks for the tip! That’s mighty useful.

Also, you can get someone to help you travel faster overland!

Yea got that. I am just at the beginning where there are some islands out, I wager a bit deeper in with more “land mass” it will sort itself out. Just got to the base thing.


Tom it looks like you are having: f…u…n… ;)

The fun factor in this game is easily a 9 on the 7-9 scale!


Never played Breath of the Wild, so I’m really enjoying this game. Such a great combination of exploration, puzzles and combat. Paid for a 2nd month of Ubisoft’s subscription after thinking I’d only do one month for Valhalla, but grew bored of that game after a few weeks with it and then YT threw a Fenyx Rising video my way and I decided to give it a try.

This game wasn’t on my radar at all, but since I got Ubi+ for AC:V, I will give this a try.

Wow, the phoenix is super powerful with its ability to build up stun on an enemy. Give it the upgrade to produce stamina replenishing balls when it attacks and it’s pretty much a constant use weapon. It made my first shade or whatever the major enemies are a walk in the park.

I agree, little Phospho is awesome! It loves that nickname, too, have I told you that? ;)

At least it isn’t named Grow-goo.