Immortals Fenyx Rising - Assassin's Cartoon of The Wild

If you know there is a chest (and it’s easy to see where it is when you start the vault - there’s a glowing orange line showing its position) you can usually get it. There are some cases in which you need some specific god power or ability to be able to reach the chest, but those are the exceptions in my experience. And most chests are reachable before the end of the vault, so there’s that.

Yes but you still at times need to double solve a puzzle

Yeah, Ive been able to grab the chest before completing the vault almost every time, so I haven’t had to go back and redo the same puzzles. One time the game explicitly told me I didn’t have a skill that was needed to get the chest, so I just left to try the whole vault later.

Don’t remember having to solve the same puzzle multiple times to get a chest (usually they’re just off to the side somewhere), but may have just not hit those particular vaults yet.

You only have to go through it again if you miss the extra stuff the first time through. I hate redoing things so I’ve just been making sure I’ve grabbed the bonus before grabbing the lightning.

The vaults typically have a progression: they’ll give you a puzzle to solve at the beginning, then a more difficult one of the same type, then one that combines a couple of different kinds of puzzle, etc. It can seem like you’re repeating the same thing.

Anyhoo another odd thing, not a big deal because I almost never use the attack/defense potions, but I’m fairly late game (all skills, health and stamina maxxed, most gear maxxed, 4 gods rescued) and it’s just weird how few yellow flowers I come across, here’s my potions and ingredients, I pick up whatever I see, and again I barely use yellow potions so it’s not like I’m consuming them.


That is a bit odd, but maybe they figure you’re not supposed to be getting hit, what with parry, dodge, dash, etc

1.1.0 patch notes.


  • Added support for the upcoming DLC content “A New God”
  • Multiple localization fixes.
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • [XBOX Series X] Fixed a save game corruption over very long play sessions.

Ugh, think this got me last night. I finished up for the night and went to save, and on multiple attempts it said the save was corrupted. I’ve mostly been using quick-resume rather than ever exiting all the way out. Fortunately, I’ve done semi-regular manual saves, but probably lost a good chunk still.

Here’s hoping performance & lag spikes improve a bit too. I’m playing at 4K with an AMD 5900x + NVidia 3800 FE + PCI 4.x NVMe SSD and Fenyx (like ALL of the Ubi games) can’t QUITE manage stable 60fps. Lots of stutters down to ~40 FPS and the occasional crash to desktop when it loses connection to the Ubi Connect middleware. Sure I could turn vsync off to raise the FPS, but the the wild FPS swings make me instantly nauseous (so no thanks)

It’s absolutely playable and fun and good-looking. But also Ubisoft’s engine performance sort of sucks given the cutting-edge hardware being used. Really wish they’d implement DLSS.


Woot! Looking forward to it.

This is a game that should just roll into post game for cleanup but instead it seems your choice is either to rollback to a prefinal boss save or go new game +

To be fair, it warns you about this and automatically saves your game right before the point-of-no-return.

It makes sense in terms of the story they’re telling, but yeah, it makes me wonder how the DLC will work in that context. The first one seems to be post-story, so who knows…


Well, if you finished the game, you know you can’t exactly go back to the state of the game prior to the Typhon Save point. It wouldn’t make sense at all.

Again, barely, like what changed? Humans got turned back from stone…and? For the vaults and stuff “Typhon is gone but some of his vaults and and monsters remain” would cover those, heck you even see the big one still in the background in the final cut scenes, monsters too even. It’s not like the island sank or anything. Also they could tie it in to the narrative Ligyron is telling Prometheus.

It’s literally the way it works in the most recent AC games. The story ends, but monsters/enemies remain because reasons.

Hmmmm, yeah, I can see how that could be done, but I think it detracts from finally defeating the big bad. With him gone and the gods with their full power, it doesn’t make much sense that his corruption would still linger, at least not to me. But maybe it fits. I don’t know.

By the way, there was a major patch today preparing for the release of the first DLC. And as part of the patch, there’s a new quest (with a new, different, awesome vault) giving out something that can be used later in the DLC.