Immortals Fenyx Rising - Assassin's Cartoon of The Wild

This game confuses the hell out of me (I’ve only played about an hour). I am fighting 2 enemies and it tells me I failed the navigation challenge. Hold a key to restart. I do. Fail again, not knowing what I am supposed to be doing. So I ignore failing, explore a little more, and now I can’t get it to activate. How to I get it to activate again? I go to the little pedestal thing and nothing happens.

Do pomegranates and blue mushrooms turn into potions at some point? Am I supposed to do something?

Should I just ignore everything and follow the story and it will eventually make sense?

I am finding stuff and doing challenges with no clue what am I doing. Is there a guide out there doesn’t give spoilers, but at least explains the little stuff?

Navigation challenges are races, or at least the one you were at is. You stand on that thing and a golden light beam shines off in the distance. Ignore those two guys and run as fast as you can for it (sprint). It took me a second to figure that out, too, since the game doesn’t tell you anything.

Poms and mushrooms do get turned into potions but you have to make it a certain distance into the story to unlock that.

I kind of figured it was, but after failing I went to explore. I got the power that lets me remove the obstacles from the “track” but the challenge is no longer activating. The pedestal is not longer lighting up, nor is the target in the distance. I tried leaving the area and coming back, but nothing is happening. Is there a way to reset the challenge?

No clue, I haven’t seen that happen, and I solved that challenge right after I got it (after wondering wtf for a minute).

It’s possible you may need to move forward and trigger some more story stuff. You got the bracers, but did you do anything more?

I got the bracers and just explored more. Went back to the track. Didn’t find anything significant.

I think I just need to play and come back later. Over thinking it I am sure. It’s my completist nature. I can’t find a locked door in and RPG and not get in.

Just be aware that there may be areas that aren’t really available to you, even though they are right there then, in this game. Thats because you may have to come back later on, with new powers.

Go to the start of the challenge and hold down the pause button.

Ahh that did it, thank you.

Enjoying the game quite a bit now.

So the first DLC drops today. No idea how it is since (as much as I’ve really enjoyed the game) I’ve got no interest in spending nearly as much for the season pass as I did for the game itself. Did i mention that season pass pricing has gotten really stupid bad? Borderlands 3 has this same issue.


I bought the Game + Season Pass edition, so I should be able to play the first DLC in the next few days. I’ll post my impressions here. ;)

Demo on Epic, Ubi, and consoles.

So, first DLC, first impressions:

  • It’s definitely meant to be played after the main game is completed. Not only because it starts right after the ending of the main game, but also because the new challenges almost demand that the player has good knowledge and control of the abilities present in the main game, including some less-than-obvious uses (that only show up in some of the vaults).
  • That said, the DLC behaves like a separate part of the game, though it does import some stuff from your most recent save game. It matters little, though. You don’t really use anything from the imported save unless you want to change the appearance of armor and weapons, but since the new armor and weapons are awesome, why would you?
  • The new area is beautiful. Perhaps even visually stunning.
  • New vaults, even the “easy” ones, are considerably harder than most of the stuff in the main game.
  • New abilities and blessings: only unlocked one new ability so far, but it’s pretty cool. I can already guess what a second ability will be. No idea about the other two.
  • The sense of humor from the main game is present here. A bit subdued, perhaps, but very much present.
  • Fenyx is here, she’s voiced, she’s beautiful, and she’s awesome.

First impression of the demo: these controls hurt my brain. Dark Souls attack buttons and dodge on square seems suboptimal for the fast pace of combat. I got overwhelmed when I looked into remapping them.

Let’s see, a quick Google… ah, yes.

This might be the most value I’ve ever received from Kotaku.

The fine print says it might not work with the parry system, so I’ll have to experiment.

I’m pretty into this game since starting it last night on PC. Unfortunately, I’ve ended both my sessions with a crash (frozen, game is unresponsive). Is this something I’m going to continue to run into in your guys’ experience?

(My other (small) complaint is the accent(s) that every character has. Are they supposed to be Greek? Are they actually Greek? Because they sound like “generic eastern european” to me. I don’t know if I’m the problem (my ignorance) or they are.)

Well, both male and female Fenyx are Canadian, so the accents are put on. That said, they sound pretty ok to me. There’s a guy speaking modern Greek in the video below. The people speaking English with Greek accents are not, uh, good enough at English to make a real comparison, in my opinion (although I think the guy who speaks in the beginning is too good, actually), but the accent sounds a bit like a cross between Russian and Italian to me, and I think the voices in the game are comparable.

Many of the other voice actors are Greek-Canadian and presumably have some experience with the accent.

Well, that’s a fair description of what I’m hearing, so I guess I’ll buy that!

I’ve played about what, 50 hours of it so far? And I had only two crashes in that whole time, and no frozen unresponsive events. PC gaming…

I grew up in a largely Greek Canadian / Jewish suburb of Montreal, and the accents sound pretty good to me. That’s what most of the parents of the Greek kids who went to my school sounded like. Their grandparents had even thicker accents.

So did I , Ephraim… to be fair, Montreal Italian/Greek accents aren’t quite what you get in Italy or Greece… ever since I’ve moved to London and travelled, and am surrounded by Euros of every flavour, it’s fun to compare accents. For example… [and apologies to Italians, but] the North American East Coast Italian (speaking English) sounds a lot more badass than the actual Italian, who really does sound like a cartoon pizza commercial, or you know, Mario.