Immortals Fenyx Rising is what happens when everything comes together perfectly

Happy to report that the demo runs well enough on my machine, and seems quite charming (but the combat is a bit of a challenge). Is the DLC worth bothering much with?

I can’t run this on Ultra at 60 fps on my Ryzen 7 2700/GTX 1080 Ti. I have to set everything to High to get 60 fps otherwise it’s 30 fps at 1440p. So it seems to run worse than AC Odyssey.

DLC is never worth bothering with.

All the DLC is either set after the main game or a separate campaign, so there’s really no reason to pick it up until you’ve played through the base game and decided you want more.

Usually buying a gold edition is cheaper than buying a game, and then later buying the DLC, so I can see that as the reason I would ask the same question, even if all the DLC content is post-game.

With that said, just judging by the two Immortals Fenyx Rising threads, I haven’t seen anyone super excited by the DLC.

The DLC was not good in my opinion. One set is set in a generic Asian legend type area. It’s okay. The other turns the game into a top-down almost ARPG, and it’s bad.

Speaking of resolutions, this may have just been a limitation of the demo but I couldn’t find where the setting was. It looked sharp enough, though.

I was able to set resolution in the Uplay demo, no reason the Epic one isn’t the same?

Hmm. Well, I looked in the usual places, like Options:Graphics etc. Is it one of those things where you have to set it in the launcher ahead of time?

lol, I am also running a GTX 1080, but with an i5-2500k and 8GB of RAM and it runs everything I’ve cared to play fine at 1080p. Unless you’re running higher resolutions I don’t think your computer is going to be a potato in the near future.

I, on the other hand, am nervous about Elden Ring.

Is 1080p “potato” these days? Maybe so…

I must be blind then (it was somewhat late). Thanks.

BTW, anyone else find it somewhat annoying that you seemingly can’t use the D-pad to go up and down among those settings on the left (it’s the same in Origins and Odyssey, and I assume in Valhalla)? Is it the same with kb+m-- can you use the arrows? I realize that it’s much more intuitive to use the mouse in that case so it’s possible no one bothers to try the arrows, but with the controller it’s a PITA to have to move the cursor with one of the sticks when the D-pad is right there.

All that said, this game is definitely on my wishlist. Trying to think if I’ve seen any Ubigames come to Game Pass lately–if this did I could play it on my XSX. This PC version is 20 bucks after coupon during the current Epic sale (base game). Decisions, decisions.

Ubi also has a $10 off $15 coupon going on right now. Not sure how much the game is there.

Thanks for the tip. That 10 bucks off basically drops the price of both the standard and the Gold versions to the same prices as the ones on the EGS.

Theoretically I could try to get tricky and buy the base game with the 10 bucks off on the Ubisoft store then buy the season pass and use 100 Ubisoft points for 20% off the Season pass to save 5 bucks and change but that assumes that that applies to DLC and to already discounted prices.

Who knows if I’d ever play the DLC though. I’ve got the backlog from hell.

I’m really enjoying this game. I’ve done the first part of the Aphrodite quest (and had to fight that boss, who was hard). Tried to do the next part but it tells me I need another power, so I guess I have go find those in Tartaros, right?

Are any of the non-aggressive animals mount candidates? I’ve found stags, horses and bears (haven’t yet managed to tame any).

BTW that Ubisoft $10 off sale is for anything that costs 15 or over, and can be used more than once.

I never tried taming bears, but all of the large herbivores should be tamable.

I bought the game + season pass, basically to pass forward my fondness of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to Ubisoft’s pockets. By the time I beat the game, I felt like I had done what I wanted. If you’re jiving to all the gameplay as you finish, then the DLC give you more of that.

My impression is colored by what’s probably a bug that hit just me. The first DLC (New Gods?) seems to have carried over my save game incorrectly. I reached a point where I couldn’t complete the challenges. I don’t think I’m supposed to have zero gear and phoenix options. If I am, then it does a really poor job showing how to obtain things.

Thanks for the reply. Did you ever find out whether you were supposed to be without those things in the DLC (which BTW I didn’t buy the Season Pass–figure this game will be long enough–if I ever want the DLC I’ll buy it when there’s another good sale).

BTW I went with a female Fenyx but changed her hair and eyebrows to black and the hairstyle to the ponytail one. Just looked more classical that way.

I never did figure that out, which leaves me perhaps unjustly bad-mouthing the game in a very rumored way. I feel a little bad about that, but then it made me feel bad after working at one piece of a puzzle for half an hour.

I had to be careful not to adjust Fenyx to be Kassandra v2.

Heh, Kassandra*-- her Greek accent is a lot more convincing than that of the otherwise excellent voice actress in Immortals FR. If I remember right she had braids of some kind, so I went with the ponytail for Fenyx. I made her eyes sort of blue-green.

*BTW, does she get any cosmetic options like that, or is she set in stone in that regard? I haven’t played enough of Odyssey to be sure, but I sure don’t remember anything like that at the beginning.

No choices in Odyssey (except gender). Nor in any other AC or Far Cry I don’t think. Plenty in Wildlands.