Immortals Fenyx Rising is what happens when everything comes together perfectly

I have seen great reviews of the game and I was thinking it was something my daughter might like on PS4. So maybe I will look into getting it for her and then I will play it.

I do hate puzzle games though.

So far at least, not terribly puzzly, more roam around and do things. Back to @Papageno, I had to allow the goddamned Ubi app to fuck with my computer no less than seven times, and then it needed 7GB to install. WTF, honestly?

Uh-oh. When it asks you your name 7 times. DO NOT ANSWER.

We never saw Cholmondley-Fairbanks again.

So you’re saying there’s a pixelated monster hovering over my shoulder? That’s some good gaming right there.

Has anyone tried playing this on Steam Deck?

Is that a Lovecraftian allusion or something?

I got a good laugh when after a battle, a friendly soldier said “Does your weapon keep breaking? Maybe I’m doing it wrong…”

This thing ate my weekend. The pacing is just about perfect, and there’s a learning curve kicking in where the puzzles are becoming more of a, “Look how clever and quick I am on this one!” rather than “Where is the friggin’ brazier I have to light/stone I have to find?” Working on my second god now and I’m a bit overpowered, I dipped into Tartarus to get my winged friend and it showed me I have a ways to go.

Yeah, I’m really enjoying it too. About an hour past the prologue island. Caught me much more than Zelda due to no weapon degradation.

This is so good! Everything about it seems tuned just right. Tom nailed it with his review.

It’s just such a generic title and cover art, my eye keeps slipping right past in on Gamepass.

Clearly, I’m going to have to try it out, though.

Yeah, they really did it a disservice with the title. Even with Tom’s growing review, I still gave it the side eye for far too long.

Some of those underground vaults or whatever are crazy hard though, particularly when they have flying sections where you have to simultaneously avoid falling boulders and/or lasers. I feel like Sigourney Weaver’s character in Galaxy Quest when I see things like that.

Ugh, I haven’t hit those yet but I’m not looking forward to it. Playing on mouse and keyboard, the precision flying is a pain in the butt. When I’m required to use the godly power for extra boost, I wind up just smashing my flipper on every key and falling out of the sky.

Yeah, I noped out on a lot of them towards the high end. Too many timing and gliding puzzles.

Ran into my first one I noped on. Just too spastic trying to pull off the godly moves in midair, and the inability to turn at any sort of rate to get back to an updraft beat me.

I’ve finished the first plot island and “unlocked” two others, I’m in no rush to push the main plot.

Hrmph. I hate this game, because I love this game. It has consumed me. I’m powering through just to get it behind me. There’s just never not something to do, and there are things to do on the way, and things that were annoyingly difficult ten hours ago are now rewardingly challenging but doable. I’ve even sort of figured out the air boost godly to glide to stamina potion to more glide recipe.

Just encountered Ares. My god(s) this game is awesome.

I’m curious, does this game have any adult humor or language? Also, is any violence pretty cartoony? I would like to play with my kid (7 years old), but not sure if it would be suitable for him.

The violence is fine, the humor is mostly inference and allusion, though there is a whole lotta talk about Zeus getting up to shenanigans with bunches of women.