Immortals of Aveum: FPS magic game coming this summer

Yeah, it’s reportedly Blue Man Group Far Cry.

I finished Avatar (15 euro ubiplus to the rescue). It is mediocre at best. Enjoyed Atomic Heart lots and lots more.

So, I am personally glad the better game sold better too.

“The story of Immortals isn’t written yet. I was the creative director on Dead Space, and people were discovering that for years and years. I think Immortals will be the same.”

No, man. Just no.

Holy cope. Yeah, that’s pure delusion, in no way Immortals of Aveum is on the same level as Dead Space.

The article-interview is not all bad (delusional), although some sentences are a bit eye-rolly. Like the above one, or this one

“If people want new IP, if they want innovation, they have to vote with their wallet,” he says. “If you say it and don’t buy it, maybe you don’t believe it that much.”

Problem with “Immortals of Aveum” is that it just does not seem in any way innovative. It is a shooter with awful generic name where you use shotguns and machine guns that look like hands and particle effects. If there is something innovative about this game, they completely failed to communicate it. Because “magic shooter” ain’t it.

It looks like the kind of game I would be willing to try in a humble bundle or gamepass, but buying it, when I have more interesting/original/innovative looking games to play? A tall order. It’s no Disco Elysium (am playing it now, and it is very unlike anything else ever made, and it sold very well).

Right, not innovative, but it is new IP. The problem that these unbelievable douchebags refuse to acknowledge is they didn’t make a good game.

This is $8 again for Game Pass Ultimate members on Xbox.

Started this because it’s a free game on ps plus and enjoying it so far. Haven’t played much in the way of shooters for a bit so it feels fresh to me. Voice acting is pretty solid too.

If anyone else is like me and has been waiting for a Steam sale on this game, now is a good time. Sale price of $20.99 ends May 13.

It’s a failed EA game, it’ll make it to game pass soon enough. Kinda surprised it isn’t already there.

It should be soon. Jedi Survivor just hit EA Play/Game Pass, a year after release. I think Immortals came out in August, so it should hit Game Pass this August I think.

I picked this up for ‘free’ on ps+. It’s ugly and silly. I made it through the tutorial area and I just couldn’t bring myself to keep playing. Deleted and thankful I didnt buy it.

“For the foreseeable future, 100 percent of the net revenue from Immortals of Aveum purchases goes directly to our studio,” the company said. “If you grab the game at full price or on sale, refer a friend to check it out, post content on social or leave a review, it all goes towards supporting our studio and helps make it possible for us to create more games in the future. Your support truly matters.”

From back in February:

Shocked Pikachu

They keep dancing around it, inventing reasons why their game failed.

I wonder what net sales there will be when the game is now in gamepass and ea play. I just downloaded it today. Would be funny if I ended up loving it.

I’m almost finish playing (thanks to PS+). I’ll post thoughts once the credits roll.

I mean yeah, that’s another way of saying ‘our game wasn’t good enough’ (for a $70 price tag)

No, no one thought that. Some people thought ‘hey this is decent enough, it isn’t as horrible as I had imagined’, though.

Translation: No one is buying this anymore, and it’s worthless to Electronic Arts as anything other than subscription service fodder, so they’re letting the poor schlubs who made it keep 100% of the zero direct income it generates going forward!

Bold move. Electronic Arts waving around a bit white hat, pretending to be good guys!


Verdict? It’s a competent FPS with OK story/worldbuilding and so-so characters.


Decent FPS action. Yeah, everyone is casting spells instead of shooting guns, but the three magic types boil down to, Rifles (Blue Magic), Shotguns (Red Magic), Homing Machine Guns (Green Magic). There are many more power as well and it all works just fine. By the end of the game, I was using all my powers and abilities as the situation required.

It’s very pretty. Lots of effort on environmental art and character animation.

Not a huge loot chase. This is a big plus for me as I’m tired of looter shooters. There are new weapons to be found and upgraded, but it’s not absurd. I settled on the types that suited my playstyle and either upgraded them or found/crafted better ones of the same type as needed. The crafting economy is… fine. I was only ever waiting on cash. The rest of the items were so plentiful I never ran out.

Decent skill and challenge progression.

No tacked-on multiplayer.


Did not like the worldbuilding. It’s magic/steampunk(?)/medieval/whatever Too Human was (if you remember that game). I just wasn’t vibing with it as none of it felt believably lived in. I’m usually not a stickler for this, but nothing in the levels is breakable, outside of loot chests. So you’re slinging massively powerful spells and not so much as a bottle is knocked over.

The characters are all over the map. Some good, some bad. It’s a little hard to describe but the whole this feels massively over-written. Lot’s of “quippy” dialogue that’s doesn’t feel right given the setting. The main character is the worst of the bunch.

There’s a plot twist that I figured out 20 minutes into the game. The story is really tropey, but I get the sense that developers really thought they were creating some fantastic tale with deep lore.

Not a positive or a negative, but this “feels” like an Unreal Engine game. There’s something, I dunno, generic about how it plays?

I don’t regret my time with it. I don’t think I would have been happy paying $70.