Is there any way to speed up the process that happens right after you are done importing your movie? THe thumbnail creation process is a good 20 minutes for the movie size that I’m uploading, and its mostly just annoying.

Any help?


Also, sending an angrily worded letter to Steve jobs worked for me! [email protected]

He reads everything.

More Ram and a Bigger Hard Drive?

Its a school computer, so both are out of the question.

Also; the Export process is way too long.

What type of Mac are you working on? (Apple->About This Mac). Are there better ones available?

Export’s always like that.

idk exactly what type (No longer there), but they are in fact the newest version of the mac equivalent to a Desktop, running the newest OS.

iMacs? The silver/black aluminum ones? As long as you don’t have a Mac Mini…

Mac OS X
V 10.4.11

And no, its not a mac mini. Its Aluminum with a black outline of the screen. its the newest hardware they have, as the school just installed them this semester (And we have mostly everything new when it comes to non-pc things). its indeed an iMac.