Impeachment II: Electorate Boogaloo

The historic second impeachment effort against President Trump.

From the other thread.

I’m bowing out, I can already feel my bpm increasing watching and listening to this crap. We need unity agrhh

I know a way to get unity! Vote to punish the fucker who created the disunity.

I’d rather not use Boogaloo myself. The traitors have ruined it.

How about Judgement Day?

“For real this time?”

Everybody uses Electric Boogaloo. It’s funny.

I will not have Electric Boogaloo repurposed by assholes.


where is the damn ‘Like’ button?!!!

I don’t really know how this yielding time thing works, but Hoyer has used a whole lot more than 1 minute of the time he was yielded.

About that…RIP Shabba Doo

should it be ‘Electoral Boogaloo’?

Republicans seem really sold on their useless bipartisan commission alternative to impeachment. Because a bipartisan commission will surely punish Trump for encouraging a coup, amirite?

Healing the nation means we cauterize the wound before we bleed out.

The gentleman from Chicago seconds the motion.

The gentlewoman from Hilton Head, SC, raises concerns that impeaching someone rapidly might violate the Constitution. I looked in the Constitution and, sure enough, it says if some members think the process is proceeding too rapidly, then no one can do it. I totally swear.

Thirded! Is that a thing? I’m only slightly more qualified than Trump to hold high office (I have no idea how this stuff works).

Gym Jordan is now shouting at the House.

It’s nice that Jim McGovern replied to Gym Jordan to put in context why the Democrats objected to Alabama in 2017, that it was a protest of the intelligence agencies’ reports about Russia interfering with the election, not an effort to overturn the election.