Imperator: Rome

New game from Johan Anderson and Paradox.

I’m still halfway through trying to earn my degree in Crusader Kings II, but I’ve still got like 1500 credits left to go. I’m not sure I can fit in the classes needed to learn this one, but I’m willing to try.

I swear its like Paradox reads my mind and makes every game I didn’t consciously know I want, but I do!


I’m interested in the game but that trailer was useless.

Interesting that this is only single player, according to the website.

Hell YES!!!

I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.

Seeing as this is @tomchick 's favorite time period, I hope for many many many youtube streams of it. :)

Well I always hoped they would revisit EU:Rome to get it right. I hope they get it right!

For anyone who might be interested, I think the above is just the store page having an incorrect flag. The Steam page shows it supports multiplayer.

I was wondering why they didn’t take advantage of the brand and just tile it EU:Rome II.

Oh, and wishlisted.

Now we’re freakin talkin !!!

and this is why I can’t hate paradox too much…they always pull a rabbit out of the hat

The base is going to be people who’ve played previous Paradox titles, principally EU and CK. And if you have, do you really need to see a gameplay video?

I think we can make an educated guess as to how it will play.

But we can all agree seeing some gameplay is better than speculation.

I don’t know if a few seconds of gameplay video for a grand strategy game really can convey much. This was just the announcement video played at PDXCON, I’m sure the meat and potatoes are coming.

It’s EU Rome 2. Hurray! Still one of my favorite Paradox games.

Vicky 3 looks a bit white, they really need to let her out of the house. Honestly, there was plenty of signs this was the game.
Sadly, the conference on the game tomorrow won’t be streamed, but someone should write the important parts by Monday.

My guess would be that Vicky did not sell as well, making the sequel a little hard to vet financially.

I like the concept of this game, there are many screenies of the alpha up around the web…if one were to search.

On the one hand this means I’ll have to wait even longer for Victoria III now but on the other, more glorious, hand I have been waiting for a sequel to EU:Rome for ages now and Vicky 3 will probably be next-ish in line. Roma Invicta!

Nice overview of all new paradox games from pdxcon from Marbozir