Imperator: Rome

It’s funny I almost wrote “the system reminded me too much of factions in Stellaris and Estates in EUIV”, but didn’t really want to get into the why of it without derailing the Imperator thread too much. But I have the same thought. None of the systems feel very satisfying as is.

Maybe they are afraid of making the internal stability stuff too difficult. IMO, it should be really hard work keeping any large state together (especially one that has rapidly expanded) but a good fraction of the player base might find it very frustrating.

I’d love to play a game where big states worry about civil war to the same extent that small states worry about foreign conquest.

I’d enjoy that very much as well. It is extremely frustrating to me that the only difficulty your massive intercontinental empire suffers is the difficulty of micromanaging the multi-front wars that become inevitable from 1600 on in EUIV, for example. And by that I mean the actual tedium of moving and splitting and re-merging 10+ armies dozens of times across huge swathes of territory. In the category of managing multi-front wars Hearts of Iron is orders of magnitude better, and I kind of hope they move the other GSGs in that direction.

They’ve covered Carthage and Rome mission trees which are part of the free content pack coming out alongside the Livy update. Today they talk about the dynamic mission system that the rest of the world will use for now. The dynamic system as well as the custom-built ones are something they expect to keep expanding upon with each update. I like the sound of some of the Development missions, I’d love to be able to start a horse breeding program or dig for minerals to change up my trade goods.

I got an email today from Paradox advertising the Livy update and associated content pack, so sounds like it may be coming out sooner than later? 1.2 already made some pretty great strides so I’m looking forward to what 1.3 adds. Maybe I’ll actually play a real Rome or Carthage game now!

Isn’t that what they intended to happen in Stellaris (big empires have threat of breaking up)? I haven’t played in quite a while so not sure how it works. I’m pretty sure in the lead up to release though that was something they wanted.

Yes, that’s the impression I got as well. But the mechanics were never really fleshed out and never really had bite. It’s one of my greatest disappointments about Stellaris, that there is no real internal threat.

For some reason this email had couple of Read More links that turned out to lead nowhere.

I suspect that Paradox is worried about I:R reach. A lot of people bought the game but I suspect most dropped it for a while cause that’s what you do with Paradox games, you wait for patches. Paradox makes sure everyone knows that “enhanced edition” is on its way.

Yeah I noticed the same on the email, I was expecting to see a landing page for Livy info but it was just had stuff on the current Cicero update.

December 3rd.

So did they forget about attrition rework.

They covered it in the first Livy dev diary.

I haven’t read anything saying that it’s not going in, but does seem to be a weird omission! It’s the thing I’m looking forward to the most, personally.

The summary Perky_Goth posted is from the post they did directly after the PDXCon announcement, which was before the dev diary where they talk about the new Army food supply I think? So it’s not going to mention that because it hadn’t been talked about at the time of writing.

That would make sense. It’s just confusing because they re-posted the text of it today with the release date announcement.

I think this is the telling bit that shows you’re right, though:

Maybe an unfair question, but is this now:

  • fun
  • challenging
  • interesting


I think so but I’ve already said my piece many times in this thread, so you should probably look for others’ opinions. :)

Well I bought it at release and it wouldn’t even install, so I refunded it.

And then I read the many reviews :(.

But the consensus now is that it is fun?

I liked it from the very beginning. The point of it was it’s much more systemic than other Paradox games, doesn’t rely much on events, unique national flavour etc. So it’s much more about challenge, and the AI was fine before patches. I didn’t try the game after patches yet cause now it feels like constant work in progress, so I’m not sure if AI works now.

From what I can tell the AI seems fine, likely better than it was at release. Imperator has seen changes but thankfully not the foundation-shifting variety that Stellaris has been through repeatedly.

I didn’t like it at release, but got a few enjoyable playthroughs after the last patch, and have stopped myself from starting a couple more games in the last couple weeks since Livy is so close. I’d declare that I do find it fun now.


Spoiler: supply trains are OP, but it’s fixable.

(didn’t know they were the same person until now - the guy from 3MA and the patch notes joke guy)