Imperator: Rome



I’m looking forward to playing it day 1 at full RRP.


I am torn. I love the setting, as well as the idea of getting into it and learning the game before all the DLC adds complexity. But my patience for learning new games anymore is extremely low. Then again, I did get into and learn Stellaris, so maybe I should get it?

I have no problem giving developers full price for a game I like either. Yet, if I am not going to play it out of the gate, is it worth it? Especially when I know DLC is going to make it an expensive game.


Have you played Europa Universalis IV and/or Crusader Kings 2?

If you have, the learning curve for Imperator won’t be large. It has many of the same concepts, and all of the new twists should be fairly easy to absorb as you play. Certainly less of a curve than learning how things work in Stellaris. If you haven’t, then you should probably get the game anyway as it will be unlike anything you’ve ever played before!


I am in the same boat, even knowing how buggy Paradox titles can be at the start.


I’m in for day one. For better or worse, Paradox games since CK2 have years of ongoing development after release. Some people love it, others hate it, but it is what it is. I’m confident that issues that come to light will be addressed going forward, which is more than I can say for a lot of other strategy games in my catalogue.

All I care about it is if I’m engaged and entertained, and so far for me Paradox games have done that at 1.0. Even Stellaris, which is easily the most flawed Paradox game that a lot of Qt3 really dislikes. I think a historical grand strategy game helmed by Johan is a lot more familiar territory for them and there won’t be as many missteps as Stellaris had at launch, so I’m not worried.


What KevinC said.


Yes. Paradox caters very specifically to my taste in games. The only thing that would stay my hand is the fact that all my gaming is on a Surface Pro tablet these days.


EU IV and Stellaris work fine on mine (but I got the top of the line model), just at 30 - 25 fps.


Oh I play EU IV and CK II on it all the time.

I’m just concerned that newer games may have added enough to the engine to be an issue. It’s still Claustwitz I believe, so probably fine.

But mine is only a first gen Surface Pro, so it’ll be plausible that it would not run.


I played Stellaris just fine on a Surface 4 cheapo tablety ones from work, but not first gen.


Dev diary on civil wars, rebellions, subjects, etc.

As someone who always mourns how useless the Support Rebels action is in EU4, I like the sound of how they’re doing it in Imperator. Hopefully something similar works its way into EU4 in the future. You might need the context of what they discuss earlier about civil wars and rebellions to see how this works:


I wish this engine & graphical update was sporting CK3 and was about to be released :(


this game defiantely has the prettiest map they’ve ever made…and omg, I can actually read the fonts from day 1

guess those paradox employees are getting old like the rest of us


Yeah, I’ve tried repeatedly to make it work. Run Wars until they are at 20 War exhaustion, take their entire treasury, have zeroed out their manpower, and generally just destroyed them. Then I immediately support the biggest rebel group I can.

Not once have I ever seen it pop.


Youtube video on six different starting nations. Only major I’ve ever played in EU4 is England (and only briefly), but I might give Egypt, Carthage (not detailed in the video) or near-major Armenia a go as a first play through.

Don’t know how accurate it is but here’s a wiki with a list of starting countries.


Unnnh my April wallet threat level is huge.


I’m obviously snagging this one, but any other games of note registered on the threat level next month?


Anno 1800


Wait, this April?


Oooh, nice! That’s right, I had forgotten that was next month.