Imperial Glory

One of my favorite eras in military history (early 19th century) gets the Total War treatment:

The only thing I’m concerned about is that it’s not Creative Assembly. But I certainly like the concept…

Great news; I’ve been hoping for a game like this for some time. I know there’s a napoleonic mod out for Medieval, but it’s still a beta project, and I haven’t tried it out yet.

Napoleonic-era Total War-style game? Sign me up! Is that actually the Total War engine that they are using, or did they make their own?

I think Napoleon was kinda cool. A bit of a megalomaniac… but he had some good ideals!


Looks pretty ambitious, though. Land and naval battles? Cool if they can pull it off, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Did you see those screenshots? Troops split out of units taking cover behind trees or holding buildings. And naval combat too?

I’m with Ben. Seems ambitious but if they pull it off it’s just my cup of tea.

Not too ambitious since the naval and land portions seem to be seperate. Looks alot like Total War/SM’s Gettysburg.


My “Imperial Over-reach” alarm is going off as well but the concept sounds very interesting. Has anybody played Pyro’s Praetorians game. I would bet that they are building on top of the engine that was used in it.

I don’t see the similarity myself. The Praetorians engine was pretty barebones compared to what this one promises to be.


This looks like my kind of game. Sign me up!

My kind of game. When is it out? Before or after Rome:TW?

I wonder if it’s the same Rome: TW engine? Doesn’t seem like it, and there’s no mention of Creative Assembly. The screen shot with the house and French skirmishers is interesting.

— Alan

It’s by Pyro Studios, they guys that do Commandos. It has nothing to do with the Total War series or Creative Assembly.