Important Things with Demetri Martin

It’s on right now, it’s pretty good. Basically on par with his standup if you’ve seen that; if you haven’t, he’s like a not-as-good Stephen Wright.

I would have gone with a not-as-high Mitch Hedberg.

And after listening to the “I Still Have A Pony” CD, I’m starting to fear that Stephen Wright may be a not-as-good Stephen Wright.

Either one works. Also, supposedly Mitch Hedberg never performed while high, despite his well-known and eventually fatal drug use. Supposedly.

I am going to post in this thread, because it has less replies, and is less mainstream than that other demetri martin thread.

He is like a more consistent Mitch Hedberg, Hedberg could be pretty hit or miss. Though, when Hedberg was on top… he was god-damn hilarious.

He definitely performed drunk, though. On his last, posthumously released CD you can hear him getting drunker and drunker.

Yeah, that’s true.

This one is also very true. Martin has some real whiffs too, but not as many as Hedberg had.

Also, I’m going to change my earlier assessment. I now think this show is better than what I’ve seen of his standup (Person).

Wait, so he’s actually good? Because I’m pretty sure he’s coming to my University really really soon. I had been ignoring the posters up 'til now because they usually get shitty people here.

Caught the repeat of it tonight, I was fan of Person and enjoyed the show. The only part that fell flat for me was the anger management segment.

Best debut for a Comedy Central series since Chapelle.

let’s try this in the right thread for a change. See all 6 parts of this:

Yeah, he’s totally good. You should go.

You linked to the wrong dude. The audience doesn’t even think he’s that funny… allthough there’s an occasional polite laugh.

He’s like a not-in-the-same-fucking-league Stephen Wright.