In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night!

For all you comics readers, or maybe former comics readers, Hal Jordan is coming back as Green Lantern. The head editor over at DC has mentioned that GL should be DC’s #3 franchise. With computer graphics as good as they are now, a movie would be awesome.

Hmmm… Be interesting to see how they pull that off. I came up with a storyline myself that would have worked, but it’s tough, given that he freakin’ murdered the GL Corps.

Please tell me it’s not Ron Marz writing Jordan’s return. He’s the one who botched his fall from grace in the first place.

Unlike the fanatics, I never had a problem with Hal cracking and trying to re-work the universe. But the whole “killing the Corps” thing was too over the top and unbelievable. He could have gotten the rings without killing them.

A Jordan return could make for some very interesting stories. And it’s gotta be better than what’s been in the book for the past few years. To Marz’s credit, his stuff was better than Winick or the guy who’s writing it now.

Where did you see Jordan’s returning?

It’s here:

Marz has returned for a bit to write, I believe, Kyle Raynor’s final arc.

I think it’d be interesting to keep Rayner around, even as a “fill-in” Lantern. When I read it as a kid, I remember Jordan would occasionally have to pull in John Stewart to help. If they have a Corps again, can’t hurt to have a few spare GLs hanging around.

This is stupid. Now all DC needs to do is bring Barry Allen back to life, and then every death of a character that ever actually meant anything in the DC Universe will be rendered meaningless.

Let him be the Spectre, or let him be dead.

This kinda annoys me because it seems like DC caved in under the pressure of H.E.A.T., a coalition of fanbois who are known to send death threats to the houses of Ron Marz and various DC editors all because of what happened to Hal.

Denny, I think the current rumor is that Hal is Earth’s GL and Kyle zips around the rest of the sector doing all the galactic shit.

Who’s DC’s #3 now? Wonderwoman?

That’s backwards from how it should be… Kyle’s space stuff has always sucked, while Jordan was the galactic guy.

I’m glad they’re doing something. The title’s sucked for a long time; I’ve kept buying it out of habit more than anything. Now I can have a complete #1 to #181 set to put on eBay. :-)

Possible ways to bring Jordan back:
#1: The cheesy way: John Stewart’s ring starts talking to him. (It was Hal’s old ring.) He discovers Hal didn’t actually kill the other GLs; they were sucked into the ring. (Fair amount of silver age precedence for imprisoning people in the ring.)

#2: The Galactic rewrite way: Parallax reappears. “You’re dead!” “I will be. I’m from right before I sacrificed myself. I can’t live with what I did, and I’m going to make it right.” Everyone tries to stop him from undoing history, because even though he did terrible things, rewriting history is nothing but trouble. Kyle battles him to the last second, but Hal succeeds in stopping himself from avenging Coast City. Kyle, however, is with Parallax between universes when he does so, and thus ends up in the rewritten universe with his GL ring intact.

#3: The way they’ll probably do it: Hal somehow gets pulled back to our universe and has to do the GL thing to save someone. Everyone decides he was redeemed as Spectre and having sacrificed himself to save the universe, so he’s okay now despite having murdered dozens of GLs. Hope this doesn’t happen.

I really couldn’t care less if Hal comes back. I liked his character better, but they’ve screwed him up too much for an easy comeback. What I’m happy to see is a resurrection of the GL Corps. That’s what I really liked about the series as a kid – the galactic stuff.

Rebirth teaser from Geoff Johns:


I liked Winick’s earlier GL stuff, but I think he suffered when he started writing like 14 books.

I liked the Black Circle arc. I thought the idea of Abin Sur’s son running a galactic mob was cool.

I liked that Hal died (not that I disliked Hal). I like universe impacting permenant events. I liked the dismantling of the GL Corps, as it allowed for an eventual rebuilding (which is slowly going on now) of the Guardians and the Corps.

The idea that GL can’t be a strong franchise without Hal Jordan is silly. If it hasn’t been strong in the past several years, it’s the fault of writers/editors, not that Hal was gone. Having Hal back isn’t going to magically make the franchise a big deal if the stories don’t improve, it’s just going to remind everyone that nothing “real” ever happens.

Last time I read one Hal Jordan was Green Lantern. When did this change?

Last time I read one Hal Jordan was Green Lantern. When did this change?[/quote]

About 10 years ago right after the death and return of Superman. Coast City was completely destroyed so Hal Jordan went nutso, stormed the Guardians of the Galaxy’s citadel, committed mass murder on his fellow Corpsmen and drained the central power battery of all it’s juice.

My God, the sheer gayness…

Jesus, DC has done nothing but fuck up this character since the '90s. First, they make Hal Jordan insane and slaughter the Green Lantern Corps. Then he becomes Parallax, a badass supervillain bent on destroying the universe. Then he becomes the new freaking Spectre, agent of God’s vengeance. Now he’s becoming Green Lantern again??? Major thumbs down.

Anyone else read Grant Morrison’s JLA? His interpretation of Kyle Raynor as Green Lantern was actually interesting and, yes, heroic.

DC’s sliding fast…

From what I’ve heard the push to bring Hal Jorden back isn’t because of pressure from fans but in fact pressure from movie studio. Interest in a Green latern movie is increasing (guess because we will never get a Superman movie until Jon Peters drops dead) and they want Hal Jorden.

Really? What’s your source on that? Seems to me with the cartoon using the John Stewart Green Lantern, that would be more recognizable in the theater.

Heh, they’ll pressure them to bring back Hal Jordon, and yet will probably cast some actor young enough to be better off doing the Kyle Raynor route.

How many times has DC tried to fix the continuity of the DC world?

The two biggest attempts were the Crisis and Zero Hour. Seems like there’s a new “don’t worry about continuity” feel there lately, though. Byrne was given the green light to restart Doom Patrol from scratch, as if the team had never existed before, even though they show up in JLA Year One (as well as really screw with Beast Boy/Gar’s background).

Blame it all on Hypertime, I guess.

The sad irony is that, in the end, the old Earth-2, Earth-1, Earth Prime, Earth-S, etc. thing made more sense than the convoluted jumble of origins, etc. that they’re using now.