In case a Battleship movie wasn't enough, how about an entire TV show of Risk?

Are they going to make this before or after the Monopoly movie? (There was the Ridley Scott version they announced a decade ago and a Kevin Hart version they announced in 2019…)

I caught a glimpse of a young Bryan Cranston in that clip!

And I have seen the Fortress Australia strategy work too many times to discount it completely. If the timing is right, I think it can definitely be a game winner.

I love Risk. I’ll be watching this.

Axis and Allies > Risk

Dude, everything except Monopoly > Risk


This show’s season is gonna spend most of the time setting shit up, and then be boring and not fun.

So… a TV show about a world war. We haven’t seen that before.

I’m sure they will they work hard on the writing to set up something to tie back to the game.

“Yeah, going through Australia is a gamble. But I’m willing to roll the dice on that.”

My only question is which actors will play which cubes?

Every day I wake and think…‘The world can’t possibly get any dumber’…every day, I am proven wrong.

End of days.

That’s like an Alex P. Keaton line.

I hope the show is about Secret Mission Risk, the only tolerable way to play.

See my theory is this will either be really good, or a hideous disaster. Either way it should be entertaining lol.

I’m envisaging the pieces descending out of the sky like Arrival:

It’ll probably be a series about a world champion-class Risk player forced to break through the gender glass ceiling inherent in the quirky, yet stressful and intensely competitive world of professional Risk leagues in the 1970s. But she’ll have to also overcome her Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder regarding piece positioning and her dependence on Jolt Cola.

Anachronism! Jolt Cola was from the 80s.


Well, it’s just a rough treatment…

Fuckin’ hell man, I’d actually watch that. Any way you could sneak your way onto the production staff for this project?

Well, I’d do it in like a Strangers with Candy way. But Hollywood would make it a straight drama. But I’ll try.

You should totally have that. Every film needs details for geeks to nerdpick over.