In defense of the Batmobile. A look back at one of Arkham Knight's best features.

That might well be part of it. Also, it’s work that pays for shit, and a lot of the folks who have intelligent things to say and/or general writing chops and/or fresh gaming-related ideas are going to end up going for better paying gigs, be that writing or making games or…

I’d second that recommendation. Arkham Asylum is a tight metroidvania, City expands it into a more open world to mostly good effect, but Arkham Knight is entirely too much. The visuals are technically impressive but in that kinda drenched in superfluous detail early PS4 games did, every encounter goes on too long, the batmobile is too much, the DARKNESS, NO PARENTS factor is dialed up to eleven. They have a sequence where you torture a goon with the batmobile, and the game will not proceed until you press down that accelerator to crush his head.

It’s just exhausting and kinda nasty.

Most of the people who are good at games writing have real jobs too. If they didn’t, they couldn’t afford the rent.

Finally finished this, after sitting in backlog for goodness knows how long and only reinstalled after reading Tom’s “retrospective”. My goodness Tom seems to have forgotten the Riddler races. That final one @lordkosc posted almost made me rage quit, but I got there eventually (the person driving in that video did it perfectly). Good thing my OCD isn’t too advanced so I completed everything except Riddler’s “puzzles” scattered around the city and call it finished. And racing in general sucks. That final APC mission is again a pain in the neck because the Batmobile is so poor as a race car, but you have to chase this super fast APC and lock on to it for 5-6 times.

But I generally agree that it isn’t too bad, and Batmobile is a well integrated tool to solve puzzles. Tank battle, once you found the groove it is just a regular shooting exercise (hint: don’t use gamepad but K+M). Super tank is again not that hard to kill.

The islands are still a bit too small to be believable. Some of the keypresses for combo are just terrible. Like X+Y or A+B, so hard to press unless you have giant thumbs. I still think Arkham Asylum is the best out of all three. You get that white-knuckle intensity of free flow combat and stalking goons with guns over and over and over in Arkham Asylum. Whereas the latter games dole them out miserly and make us do lots of errands in between.

And Riddler’s “puzzles” got more and more tedious. It fits the fictional personality of the Riddler, I guess, but my goodness I have no intention of doing all 243 of them in Arkham Knight.