In Development at EA Canada?

Anybody know what – outside of the EA SPORTS titles – is currently in developent at EA Canada in Burnaby?

Apparently, there’s a big FPS franchise being worked on; I’m assuming it’s the next MoH iteration, but I figured I’d check here to see if anyone knew for sure.

You sure it’s in development in Burnaby? Maybe it’s being done in EA montreal. I’ve heard that they’ve got some magic project to show off at E3 but I’m not sure what it is.

Black 2?

Useless sidenote - My grandmother lives only about 5 minutes away from where EA Burnaby’s offices used to be just off of the 1 up there, and I remember growing up wishing I could visit the offices and meet some of the developers and get free games because they liked me.

Don’t even get me started on the fan mail I wrote to Roberta Williams on the King’s Quest games… Why I’m sharing this I don’t know.

Wasn’t Black developed by Criterion? Maybe the Burnaby studio has a Criterion division or something like that?

I can’t imagine Black 2 isn’t being done at Criterion… if it’s being done at all.

It didn’t sell that well? Sounds counter-productive to just ditch the brand, though. It has a lot of recognition, even if people didn’t buy the first one.

I call it “Sands of Time Syndrome”.

Now now, that’s almost insulting to Sands of Time. Black was resoundingly mediocre, while just about everyone who isn’t completely off their rocker loved Sands of Time.

Well, it’s an EA Sports title, but it’s an odd one - they’re working on Madden Revolution.