In Flames - Ordinary Story



[ok fine, I can’t pull off a Zaphod]

This is one hell of a peppy song. I can’t even begin to put a label on what anally-retentive sub-mini-meta-genre it belongs in. Got a bit of metal-hardcore, that’s for sure.

Good to see metal thriving in at least one part of the world.

Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal. :P

Although at the time that song came out, In Flames had already started their slide into mediocrity. Their first couple of albums are great though, Jester Race in particular. Also, if you enjoyed that, I would highly recommend most of Dark Tranquility’s albums. I just saw them about 2 weeks ago in Philly and that has to be the most energetic front man in death metal.

Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal?

You’re serious?

I thought that the idiotic fragmentation of metal would end once everyone stopped paying attention to it.

Of course, and each has its own group of followers and detractors. :P

People really haven’t stopped paying attention to it, most metal shows that I go to in Philly or NYC are usually packed. Also the number and variety of bands touring now, compared to even 5 years ago is impressive. This year alone I have plans to see Therion, Edguy, Hammerfall, Manowar, Rhapsody and a few other Euro based bands that would have never been able to come to our shores if they were not counting on drawing large enough crowds to support them. The first time I saw In Flames on their first US tour was in some backwater NJ rollerskate rink turned club with maybe 70 other people. Now their tickets tend to sell out around here and they are on the mainstage at this years Ozzfest. :P