In-Flight Internet

Just had to post because this is so frickin’ cool. I’m returning to NYC from Japan, after a visit to the wife’s family. $29 USD gets flight-long Internet, so I just IM’d with a buddy of mine, and am catching the end of the Giants/Colts game (sort of) via ESPN Gamecast.

Skype has connected, so I could theoretically try a voice call, but A) I’d have to use the integrated mic/speakers on the laptop and would supremely annoy my seat-neighbors, and B) I suspect latency would knock the quality to hell. Still, gives me another way to pass the time instead of watching DaVinci Code on the in-flight movie.

Wonder if I should try a Company of Heroes multiplayer match…

What airline? That sounds like heaven.

I’m flying ANA (All Nippon Airways).

EDIT: Bah, the J’ints lost.

Dude, that rocks. Do an internet speed test.

Play WoW!!

Guess where I am
I’m posting from the plane
I’ll post more when I get there

154/36 kbps from the Seattle Speakeasy server. That was the closest to my current position somewhere slightly east of Tokyo over the Pacific ocean.

$30 bucks though? Yeesh.

Dude. 13 hour flight. I wouldn’t bother on a domestic US flight. You can also pay something like $15 bucks for two hours. I’ve got 3 extended life laptop batteries, so I’m curious how long I can keep things rolling.

Marcus: I don’t have WoW, only the CoH and DoW: Dark Crusade demos, but using the 3D card will seriously knock out my battereis in no-time. If I had a 1st class seat with a power outlet…

There isnt a car type outlet near the bottom of the seat?

EDIT you prolly dont have a car charger for it anyways!

Do I have to say it? Hook up the webcam!

This Dell M1210 has an integrated webcam, can’t stream it but:

I know you’re looking for stewardesses, but fugheddaboutit.

Dude open the hatch!

Man, the future really IS here, isn’t it?

Remember when all of this was just crazy science fiction?

And now someone could hypothetically be having a video conference with you while flying 25,000 ft in the air somewhere over the Pacific (do they fly over the Pacific from Tokyo to NYC? or do they go over the Atlantic?). For $30.

I love being alive at this point in history. Wheee!

Aw, c’mon, ask a stewardess if you can take her picture for your internet buddies! She’ll think it’s cute!


Nice picture but I can’t help but think you may want to be a bit careful about taking pictures on a plane at this point in time.

I asked and she gave me another bottle of water, so I think there was perhaps a bit of miscommnication. Nonetheless, just so I can feel creepy about posting this sans permission:
Picture 3

You and I may be the only people that get this reference. I was just listening to Factory Showroom on my trip to San Diego this week.

Get on the IRC channel!

Good work, mono. Now ask if you can take a picture of the cockpit. And ask in Arabic!