In Flip Ship, it's all your fault

Title In Flip Ship, it's all your fault
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When January 24, 2012

Flip Ship is 30% a tilt game, 30% a shooter, and 40% a horribly insidious risk/reward challenge designed to make you hate yourself. When things go wrong -- and they will often -- you have only yourself to blame..

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"Also, kudos to the developers of Flip Ship for not succumbing to the obvious trend to micropayments."

Agreed, but you better buy it now if you want to enjoy Flip Ship in its ideal form. As iPhone developers will tell you, it's never too late to patch in micropayments.

Ha, luke! I suspect you are right in that regard, but I can promise that we at ByteSize Games (the makers of FlipShip) have no intention of adding any micropayments any time soon.

Thanks for the review and coverage, Tom. As an indie developer it can be tough getting attention in the giant pile of apps that are released every day. It is much appreciated.

You are a blessed man, Rick. Know that I followed my own advice before writing my previous post. I'm glad my dollar is supporting a business model I want to stick around.

Can you include easier to read information about what platform & price a game is released on? I find it too hard to discover this information in the current design!

Tom! Quit typing "multiplayer" when you mean "multiplier!" You're playing a single player game here! :)

Thanks for the recommendation Tom, great game. Your high score will soon be toast (in fact, damnit, it would have been on that last game IF ONLY I'D FLIPPED!

The only problem is, it's barely playable on my 3GS. Suffers frequent, near-death slowdown which makes it tough to play, and the tilt is a bit jittery. But perhaps that's because the 3GS doesn't have a decent gyroscope (other tilt games suffer similarly).

Chequers, I can't speak to Tom's formatting, but I can tell you that FlipShip is a available for iPhone and IPad (universal) for $0.99. Thanks for checking it out.


Sorry to hear that you are having some troubles with the game. We noted that it had some performance hitches in hardware less than the 4 (due to the game using absolutely tons of alpha layers) but decided not to self-limit the supported systems (to only the 4) because it still seemed fun while in testing. Glad to hear you are still enjoying it, and we'll see if we can't improve performance a bit in the future.

Chequers, the platform is always listed right underneath the rating. As for the prices, I won't be listing that because a) it's rarely a fixed value, and b) I honestly couldn't care less.

I don't mean to be flip (ha ha!), but I feel strongly that price has no place in a critical discussion of something. We don't talk about price when we talk critically about movies, books, or music. For instance, I just re-read a Faulkner novel that I bought for $2.95 back in 1988. It blew my mind. Meanwhile, I couldn't get through a $30 hardback Dan Simmons novel. I quit reading half way through and couldn't care less about what happened. In neither instance was price even remotely a factor of how I felt about the books. I watched with a friend a screener copy of Young Adult for free. I didn't care for it. I paid twice to see Hanna when it was in theaters, and gladly bought the Blu Ray when it came out. I've easily spent $50 on that movie and it was my favorite of last year. In neither instance was price even remotely a factor for how I felt about the movies.

I feel the same way about games. In addition to prices changing, I don't really feel that price is pertinent in a review.

Gah, it's alarming the way my fingers gallop apace and suddenly I've written "multiplayer". Thanks for the copy edit, Mr. Oxide.

I wondered about this. I recently upgraded my ancient iPhone, so I've only played Flip Ship on the latest hardware. Does Tilt to Live play nice with your gyroscope, krayzkrok?

I'm glad you didn't limit the hardware required. I so very nearly beat someone's score last night, someone who had the latest hardware, so I can't be doing too badly. It may also partly be affected by iOS5 which doesn't seem to like my phone too much (the whole system hitches far more than it used to despite me doing a clean install). But any further performance tweaks that you might do would be very welcome!

I couldn't honestly remember Tom, so I just reinstalled it. Apart from beating your score on my first go, I'd have to say it's more accurate than Flip Ship's control. That's probably not surprising because it has a different emphasis on squeezing through tiny gaps (hence the ship moves more slowly) although I can certainly see the ship jittering even if I hold the device flat. Having dropped the phone once or twice (ahem) I often wondered whether this could have damaged the tilt sensor. Some tilt games like Saucelifter are totally unplayable. Perhaps it's time to finally upgrade...