In Memoriam - dedicated to members of Qt3 that are no longer with us


As with any longstanding group, Quarter to Three has had its losses. I wanted to make this thread to give us a place to remember those who went before us.

Brian Rucker

Brian was a nice guy and long time forum member who passed suddenly. He was very into RPGs and roleplaying in general. Lot of fun conversations. Brian passed suddenly in 2012.

Mink Staccato

Mink was a pinball wizard, straight up. I read a lot more than I post. Most of the time that works out, but I’ll always regret not telling Scott that I liked his pinball posts and thought his photos were really good. I’ll leave it at that. I’m not going to post all the obituary, etc, for Mink.


Jerri hadn’t been an active member of the community for a few years, but I’d look her up every now and then. She lived in Nashville and got really into motorcycles. As you can see from the above Reddit post, she was very well liked.

Bill Trotter

Bill was well loved and respected in gaming. His articles were an inspiration to a lot of us and helped us look at gaming in a different way. Other than in PC Gamer, Bill published several history books.

Rest in peace.


Great Idea, Jason. I miss those guys.


I’m afraid I can’t leave it at that for Mink Staccato. We weren’t friends in the traditional sense, I never met him in RL but we had good exchanges and, like Jason, I really appreciated his passion for pinball. I also respected that he reinvented himself, went back to school to study photography. Some of the images he posted are probably still in some older threads around here.

But Mink Staccato was suffering. I didn’t know it at the time, I doubt any of us did. But he was, and he took his own life. And I miss him, and I feel like in some small way I let him down, like maybe I didn’t pick up on some hints he may have left, even if that’s absurd to say.

So I’m going to leave it at this: if you are suffering and you don’t see a way out, please find someone to talk to. I’ll offer myself - I won’t judge, and will hear you out, but I am not a qualified therapist. But find someone who cares, because I guarantee someone does.


Thanks for this thread.


I hope nobody minds me posting this, but Tom did a write up about Mink Staccato here.

Some of his pictures were posted as well and there is a link to the podcast he did with Tom and to Mink Staccato’s blog which is still active.


Thank you for this.


Holy crap, I did not know his blog was still up. Thanks for posting that!


I read that post some time back now and while I didn’t know Mink, he took some great photographs. Thanks for reminding me.

Great idea for a thread Jason.


Yes. Very good thread.


Yeah. Thanks Jason.


You articulated my own feelings. Maybe I’m naive, but I believe if Mink knew just one person outside of his family cared about him and told him his life had meaning, he’d still be here.

Bill and Brian - both wonderful writers. Time takes the good away too soon. I really felt for Bill in that he deserved so much more success.

If some of you remember Jerri Blank from the yesteryears of QT3. She lost her battle with cancer. She was an amazing person who could have made excellent money as an attorney at a larger firm, but instead worked with non-profits to help those who were in desperate need.


Oh no. I really liked her. Thanks for the info, JP.


Oh man, I do remember Jerri. She was on my 360 friends list, think we played some Mass Effect together. Really sorry to hear about that, but thanks for letting us know.


Oh man, I had no idea. RIP jerriblank.


Oh no I enjoyed Jerri’s posts. That news was a gut punch.


Great thread Jason. Man, reading these names brings back some great memories. Bittersweet. It’s nice to remember these folks, but you know, it’s sad too.


I appreciate the thoughts on Mink but I didn’t leave it blank because it was a suicide. There are no obituaries that aren’t behind a paywall and the things I found are pretty private.

Also, I know you folks aren’t, but don’t blame yourself even in a small way. I’ve been to the point just before, and you know people love you and don’t want you to go. That’s rarely the issue. It’s that you think you’re helping them by going away. “The world will be better without me.” It really feels that way.

(edit: I want to make doubly sure of this - I’m not trying to invalidate your feelings on the matter of Mink, I’m just trying to add my personal perspective)

I knew Jerri had cancer, but I didn’t know it claimed her. How awful. I’m a bit heartbroken


Man, the reddit posts are heart wrenching. It’s just not right that amazing people like her are taken way too soon.


Man, Anyone else come from a time where they STILL have a hard time blending their “IRL” and “online” identities? I mean, this death stuff can’t be REAL.


Sad to hear about Jerri Blank as well.