In other news tonight

PC gaming has officially been announced dead as of 11:05 PM EST.

Anyway, back to World of Warcraft for me. :P

Oh, just so I can get a more serious gaming-related aspect in this thread: Fallout sucks… it ain’t even a pimple on the ass of Planescape: Torment or Ultima VII. :shock:

Oh no, I just saw PC Gaming a few minutes ago.

A console guy was carrying him and PC Gaming said “I’m not dead.”

There was some discussion over this and the console guy responded “Well, he will be soon – he’s very ill.”

And then PC Gaming responded “I’m getting better.”

Console guy - “You’re not foolling anyone y’know”

PC Gaming - “I feel happy, I feel happy…”

If PC Gaming is dead…

And I love PC Gaming…

Does that make me a necrophiliac?

Because I don’t think my church is cool with that.


PC Gaming is not dead because Spore’s not out yet.

I bought one of those dual-jewel things that are big now of Planescape: Torment and Soulbringer from GoGamer the other week for like $5 on a 48-hour sale. PC gaming don’t die… it multiplies!

The beauty of age is that you start to forget the games you play. In a few years, I’ll be able to replay Planetscape Torment.

“Oh cool, a talking skull!”

You’ve seen the threads where if you could forget having played any one single game, which would it be, eh? So, which would it be? I’d probably choose Morrowind. That’s considering you can’t apply this logic to MMOs. BG2, Ultima VII and PST give MW a good run for its money though. Those are my favorite single-player games of any genre, any platform, of all-time. :wink:

Dude, spoilers!


I just picked up Etherlords 2 and Victoria for $5 each! PC gaming is just on life support.

You all are missing out because the REAL computer gaming is taking place on a Commodore 64.

I still miss Archon 2 on my C-64. What a game.

the c64 couldn’t hold a candle to the zx spectrum.

That’s right, the Speccy had all the cool RPGs and adventures games because, well, it was crap at all that parallax scrolling that made games like Uridium and Mutant Camels such a blast. But hey, we preferred our cerebral RPGs and isometric puzzle games, it made us look smarter!

Ah, it’s all flooding back.

What I’d give to play Tir Na Nog again for the first time.

It has been a casual daydream of mine for many years, to be stricken with total amnesia. In such an event, my closest associates have been directed to steer me directly to the library of Infocom games.

Would it cure the condition? WHO CARES.