In search of a mouse

I finally did it. My mouse, keyboard, and brand-new dual-monitor KVM died because of a small cd-sized amount of water underneath the keyboard.

Now I need a recommendations for a light, snappy mouse. It needs the two back/forward buttons on the side. I don’t care about buttons on the pinky, never use them.

Don’t mind cords. Been using a corded Razer Diamondback for years. I have long, thin fingers and this is light enough to use. The last two wireless logitechs I used were a bit too heavy/unresponsive for me (I can’t recall the model numbers, but one was fairly recent with a Li-ion battery cartridge system.)

Any diamondback lovers find something they like now? As much as I am used to it, I found it sucked too much power and didn’t play nicely with USB ports. Decisions, decisions.

Logitech G5. There is no other mouse.

G5 = old and busted
G9 = new(ish) hotness

I also like MS’ Sidwinder mouse a great deal. Its shape typically takes some getting used to, but its vertically positioned side buttons are awesome. I use the G9 at the office and the Sidwinder on my desk at home. Both are excellent gaming mice with all the requisite features – i.e., multiple dpi settings, weights, etc. The interesting thing about the G9 is that it looks wildly different from Logitech’s typical bulbous design (which I’ve always loved – I was a long-time MX518 user prior to making the latest switch), and yet it feels similar in your hand.


Corded mice 4 Life; wireless isn’t always responsive enough for my tastes.

Edit: BTW, I’m 6’4" with big hands and long fingers. Not a problem for either mouse.

I’ll second the Sidewinder.
I use a wireless Logitech MX Revolution at work for work and have my trusty old Logitech G5 for gaming (at work) - the replacement that removed the G5 from it home perch after all these years was the Sidewinder which I very surprisingly loved (surprisingly because it’s very far from the lovely Logitech shape I’ve been using variations of for years).

I didn’t care much for the G9.

I still prefer the Logitech G5 but I am intrigued by the over-under thumb buttons. That seems to be a better configuration.

Is this mouse going to be used for FPS gaming and the like? If so, I’d suggest the G9, since you can set up per-application profiles for the mouse (and it’ll auto switch the profiles for you when you start the program), and there’s a great number of features that are handy, like profile-level DPI adjustments, and on-the-fly DPI adjustments.

I have a profile for BF2142 that has DPI settings at 200,800, and 3200 (crazy gunship stunts for the win.) I have a crysis profile set with 600 and 1000 DPI settings. It’s nice to have the mouse adjustable to what you need.

Before this mouse, I had an logitech MX700, which I still think is a bit more comfortable - so if you don’t need all the whiz-bang features, then I’d go with the logitech choice instead.

Another G5 user: the revised one of course with the back and forward buttons.

my mice:

VX nano

Dell DH421 bluetooth

MX 610

MX 620

keyboard/mouse sets:

desktop comfort

Cordless desktop mx 3000

cordless desktop mx 5000

cordless mediaboard

I also have a mx 3200 in the closet I haven’t opened.
I’ve owned several mx 510 and 518’s.

My favorite for gaming is still the revised G5.

I own 6 mice.

2 MX Revolutions: This is the best mouse I’ve ever used for all non-gaming tasks. I have one at work and one in the home office.

1 VS Nano: This is the best laptop mouse I’ve ever used period.

1 G5: This is my primary gaming mouse.

1 MX 700: My old non-gaming mouse (pre-Revolution). Still a great design and probably cheap nowadays. Sees use on my old computer.

1 MX1000: I really hate this mouse. It’s heavy, has more buttons that you need, and the bluetooth connection feels sluggish at times.

G5 for me. I like it better than the G9, as well.

I loved my G5 until, ironically, I killed it by spilling water on it.

Now I use a Razer Deathadder, a pretty decent mouse.

I couldn’t stand the MX Revolution, far too imprecise for anything including desktop work.

The G5 is good but the G9 is truly the Mouse of the Gods.

I use a G5 at work, and a G9 at home for playing games. I have a sidewinder, but the shape is a bit too unconventional for me. It also felt a bit cheap

Most pet stores will carry a variety of sizes, although most of them are meant to feed to other animals.

I was using the MS Sidewinder for a while, which satisfies my need for a heavier mouse, but I was unimpressed with the build quality. It developed a fault in the RMB after a couple of months - I think something got stuck under the mouse button, making clicks with that button awkward and often not register. Because the design of the mouse, it cannot be dismantled for user maintenance. I should send it back to MS for repair/refurb really. On the plus side, it looks like a stealth tank.

I’m currently using the MS Habu Razer, which has been excellent so far. Very responsive and confortable.

Thank you for the feedback - I’m going to try the G5 now that it both a back/forward button (used to only have one). I’ll put the G9 and Sidewinder on the wish list. They look a bit strangely-shaped, but those rubber grips look comfortable.

Yup, I still play FPS’s (just team fortress 2 now), but I never bothered with mouse sensitivity settings. Looks like the Razer Diamondback I used so much is 1600dpi, so I’ll have to play around and get used to the 2000dpi G5 (move less?)

Does Logitech have Mac drivers for the G series? I have a 518 now and have to use some crappy third party drivers to get it fully functioning in OSX.

Ditto, with the only caution being that the firmware update process is somewhat touchy as I recall. As a bonus, it has cool glowy light bars on it…

trust third party over logitech. logitech’s mac drivers are unstable crap.

steermouse, controllermate and usb overdrive are superior.

Logitech G5 or VX revolution. I actually prefer the VX Revolution more and more and bought one for travel as well. I get to where I can’t stand cables and the VX allows me to turn it off, store the dongle inside of the mouse itself, and uses a single AA battery which lasts forever and can be changed in one quick and easy step (instead of sitting my mouse on a charger constantly when not in use.) It’s a smaller mouse and I like those a hell of a lot more than the big, heavy ones.

Very happy with a MS Habu.