In search of a mouse


Got my G502 yesterday. Really liking the size and shape, very comfortable in my hand. Have house guest for the weekend so haven’t gotten much use. I have the color set to red and pulse. Looks cool.


I have that too and it is by far my favorite mouse in the history of mankind.




So which of those buttons are actual buttons that you can program?

I really like having around 5 to 7 buttons on my mouse not counting left and right click (and I hate relying on mousewheel click since I find it impossible to use without moving the mousewheel up or down at the same time). Can you reprogram the DPI up/down buttons to emit different keystrokes? I don’t think my current mouse supports that much remapping.

My current Logitech supports:

mousewheel tilt left/right
two side buttons
some sort of button hidden in the thumb rest

but it would be nice if I had just one or two more!


Unrelated to the current discussion, but I saw this thread and figured I’d share my experience looking for a very specific mouse to meet very specific requirements. Here’s what I wanted:

  • Compact to primarily use with a laptop on the go and fit easily into a bag
  • Wireless through Bluetooth so I didn’t need a USB dongle
  • Instantaneous response time - any Bluetooth lag simple isn’t acceptable
  • Relatively comfortable despite its size, such that I can use it for games
  • Extra buttons / customization aren’t necessary
  • Works on practically any surface

While most of those should be baseline requirements for a mouse today, it was harder than expected to find something that fit all of them.

For a while I’ve used the Arc Touch Surface mouse, and love it for its portability. I can even put it in my pocket easily, and since it’s off while flat, I never worry about it accidentally connecting to a device when it’s stored away. It also has an instantaneous response time over Bluetooth, and I never had any connectivity issues.

Unfortunately, that mouse is simply too odd and uncomfortable to use for gaming. The middle scroll pad is great for web browsing and using documents, and the middle-click works well enough, but it just doesn’t work well at all for games.

I then tried Razer Orochi mouse due to the great reviews on Amazon. When I started using it though, it was so unbelievably awful that I couldn’t believe the reviews anymore. There’s horrific input latency that’s unavoidable no matter how you configure it. It automatically installs their bloated software. Even the charge cable is a pain to connect due to how it fits in. And even though it uses standard Micro USB, most ordinary cords don’t work because of the shape of the surrounding plastic. Even Bluetooth support is horrid since it never automatically reconnects. Every time I want to use it I need to re-pair it.

I looked deeper at the reviews for this mouse and realized that Amazon combined together many completely different mice onto the same page, and the Orochi was just one “format” under that larger listing. So all of the great reviews were for entirely different mice, and most reviews specifically for the Orochi are indeed terrible.

Finally, there’s a great end to the story. I went back to trusted Logitech with the MX Anywhere 2. It’s wonderful and everything I wanted in a mouse. Absolutely zero input lag, flawless Bluetooth connectivity. Compact. Comfortable. Smooth tracking on reflective surfaces or even a felt couch. Great set of buttons. No extra software required.

So there’s my story, I hope it helps others looking for something similar!


I’m using a Logitech G700s at the moment. I like the size and shape, but a problem I have with many mice is the thumb buttun placement. I’m either holding it wrong, or am thumbally handicapped, because I can’t comfortably reach/use the buttons Does anyone know of a mouse with thumb buttons further back that might be better suited to my dainty grip?


Does the MX Anywhere 2 need the Logitech dongle? I had and loved an MX Anywhere, but I couldn’t keep the dongle on the laptop when it was in the carrying case, so these days I use an MX Master, which is much bulkier.


Nope, no dongle required. In fact, dongle-less bluetooth was one of my primary requirements that got me to try it in the first place :-)


Picked up a Logitech MX Master. Spendy, but I’m really liking it.

It’s large. Almost too large for my big ol’ bear paws, but not quite - and I like 'em big and round just like the esteemed Sir Mix-A-Lot, so it’s close to ideal for me.

Core mouse functionality works great. Tracking is perfect, as expected, and all the buttons feel great. Scroll wheel gets a special mention - it automatically switches from ratcheting to free-spinning if you give it a good spin, which in practice is a pretty good workaround for the problem of ratcheting mousewheels being kinda pokey for big-ass lists and documents and such. I like it.

The gimmicky nonsense on this one is okay:

  • There’s a thumb wheel for horizontal scrolling, but it’s got like no tactile feeback. I feel like I’d rather have programmable wheel tilt on the main wheel, which this sadly lacks. I may warm to this over time.

  • By pushing down with your thumb, you activate the “gesture button,” which has five programmable actions (hold-drag in four directions, and just the button press itself). It’s kinda neat. I can see mapping this to some useful stuff in more complex games and such. I have it doing volume up/down, alt-tab, and zoom in/out currently, but I don’t know that that’s ideal.

  • It supports up to three different wireless connections to the provided dongle or Bluetooth, toggled by a hardware switch on the bottom. Eh, okay? Not a big deal.

Mostly I feel like I’ll get my $80 worth out of this thing just on the excellent core functionality and the fact that it fits my hand as well as any mouse ever has. I’m fine with that.


Yeah it is nice but way too large for my tastes.


I just got the MX Master too and really like it so far. The size is almost perfect for me. I wish it were slightly larger, or at least wider. The multi-device switch is quite useful in my case. I can toggle between the PC and my Mac mini easily, so now I don’t need a separate mouse for the Mac.


My favorite mouse of all time is the Logitech G700, and it looks like the updated version of that is the G700s. It’s coming down to a battle between the G502 and the G700s… I gotta say I do like the rechargable/removable cord of the G700s.


I always left my “wireless” mouse plugged-in anyway. I’ve come to the conclusion that wireless mice are really for laptops. I prefer wired for desktop use, the G502 in particular.


I love my G700S, although I likewise keep it plugged in. However, the ability to go wireless is quite handy in a household with cats who insist on being the center of attention.


Flawless sensors. They seem all the rage, but do they matter?

My Naga 2015 Chroma seems to be slightly on the fritz with more and more frequent sensor issues causing random responsiveness issues, so I decided it was time for a new mouse. I have been a big fan of the Naga mouse since the original one. I love those side buttons to death and my use of them in everything from desktop, to ARPG, to FPS has just become ingrained. But on account of spending so much time with Overwatch of late and upon doing some reading, I was interested in trying out a mouse with a flawless sensor - sensors with no tracking artifacts or interpolation/extrapolation built in. The Nagas don’t qualify in this regard, as most of the MMO focused mice don’t.

So I went on a journey…

Pouring through that list above as a starting reference I looked for mice that were flawless and heavy on the side button action. The Logitech G502 came out on top (most of the mice the pros use just have a couple of side buttons) and with the generally outstanding reviews, I pulled the trigger.

It is a nice mouse to be sure, but something about the ergonomics and button layout was not right for me and I could not adjust to the side buttons effectively and in some cases to reach the front ones had to alter grip to reach, which is no good in the middle of a firefight. It was just too long for my grip.

So I went looking again, expanded my search by googling for mice with flawless sensor part codes, as opposed to just trawling that list and found the Steelseries Rival 500

Now, that’s the business, I thought and pulled the trigger again. Ugh, same problem. It’s a deceptively big mouse and my grip does not facilitate reaching some of the forward side buttons. I also could not adjust to the button layout, being so used to grid. That’s on me, as I was not really patient enough to spend weeks with it to get used to it - but not being able to reach some of the buttons comfortably precluded that anyway. Otherwise, I quite liked this one. It was comfy and felt nice despite my other issues.

Back to google and looking more specifically for MMO mice with grids. Corsair do the Scimitar, but no flawsless sensor…but wait…recently they released the Scimitar Pro:

Upgraded with top of the wazza flawless sensor, with a button layout similar to Naga. Even better, the local retailer had on on display, so this time I could lay my hands on it before pulling the trigger…which I did.

This one is good. Comfy, lighter than the Naga, good build quality. Adapted to it with much less issues, though the side buttons take a little getting used to as they are mechanical and have a little play on activation which means on occasion you can rock onto another button. Not too much of a drama and something I can adjust to.

If only Corsair’s software wasn’t the most shitty piece of shit, crappy, bloated crap-ware imaginable… Fuck me why is this so hard. Corsairs Utility Engine 2.x is easily the largest of the four vendors (Razer, Logitech, Steelseries, Corsair) at 150Mb, I have to wonder what the fuck is even in the installer package. And it does not work. Well for me. I am not even convinced it is installing correctly on Win10 as I am not getting a tray icon (it’s a blank square) or background splash image when the app loads. Configuring profiles is OK, once you get used to the slightly clunky interface. Don’t get me wrong, it is quite feature rich, but I don’t bother with macros and crap, I kind of just want to bind the side buttons to the numpad or other keyboard functions. My problem is the software does not want to hold profile and occasionally drops to a default, or the profile holds but the lighting starts doing random shit. Just flaky as fuck really - heck the inbuilt upgrade button returns an error as the functionality has not been built in yet! Maybe it’s my machine, maybe not. I don’t know, but this stuff should not be all that difficult in 2017. FWIW the drivers seem to install fine on my Win8 laptop, but I have not done any testing yet to see if the other issues are present. In the process now of checking if the older 1.x drivers from Dec 16 work OK with the Scimitar Pro.

So why deal with this shit? Why not just go back to Razer if I have had no issues with them, like their software (stupid online registration requirement aside) and have generally had little issues with their hardware over the years? Let’s get back to that flawless sensor…

I have not played competitive FPS for years and in fact never all that much on PC anyway. But I have a local friend that got me into Overwatch and I kind of enjoy it. 12 months of OW and my FPS skills have dramatically improved anyway, but I’ll be damned if switching to a mouse with a flawless sensor seems to have had a rather dramatic effect. I am in fact, amazed, being the skeptical kind of fella I am.

Here is a report of my last week of competitive play, which is about the time frame I have been using the Scimitar Pro. I have been maining Zenyatta for the most part for the last few months.

This is from Overbuff, which rates your play across various stats, though keep in mind those ratings are against player similar to my rank, so don’t suggest I am really a plat player. I generally feel I should be playing around low gold, which is where my SR is at, more or less. Anyway, it is a handy tool for at least tracking these stats over time, which you can’t do in-game.

Anyhoo, since switching my mouse, my accuracy is up nearly 4%! The same report at the start of March:

Both reports represent about 25 or so games. That’s…a not insignificant improvement. And I don’t think I can really put it down to any particular change in Zenyatta playstyle over the last month or so.

I am rather flabbergasted. Am I imagining this shit? I did not really think it would make a difference. Could a flawless sensor really account for some portion of this improvement? Because at this stage, if you play online FPS, I have to kind of recommend chasing down a mouse with a flawless sensor as it may indeed help your performance.

Note, no mice were harmed in the making of this post. One has found a new home with an eager buyer happy to pick up a bargain and one is back in a box, albeit captive.


What a great and expensive adventure you’ve shared with us!

Linus Tech Tips had a recent video where he goes through what his viewers bought through the Amazon affiliate links, and the most popular mouse was the Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming mouse

I’ve never even heard of this perfect sensor thing until now.


I don’t want to talk about it… :D


my g502 left mouse button double-clicks all the time now instead of single click and i can’t even click to drag stuff. logitech is sending me a replacement without needing the old one back.


You think That’s hard…try finding a mouse with decent pinky support. Think I went through half a dozen, finally found something I liked, only to have the company stop making most of their peripherals, in favor of esports-branded garbage.


I tried the G502 and did not care for the shape as well. I am an old-school Logitech G9 kind of guy (lol, documented in this very topic, scroll back to 2008…) and I actually really like this model:

The shape works a ton better for me and feels a lot more G9-ey.