In search of a mouse


The double-click thing is the most common way they fail. Logitech is awesome at replacing their hardware.

I have and love a bunch of G502s myself. I even use one at work. It’s not solely a gaming mouse, it’s just a great mouse.

I no longer get wireless mice. I don’t care if it’s wireless on my desktop. It makes no difference to me-- if anything it’s a negative, having to recharge all the time. I just kept my MX master and previous logitech ridiculously expensive flagship mice plugged in all the time.


Yeah. I love my MX Master, but I’d rather have paid $20 less or whatever and just had a wired version. The battery is only good enough for a day or two anyway, so you really have to keep the cord handy, so…what’s the purpose? Bleh.


I get a week or more before having to recharge my MX master. Overall it’s an excellent mouse. I miss the cradle/charger from the original MX Revolution mouse, though. I don’t understand why Logitech ditched the cradle.


TBF this is a working-from-home situation.



I’m in search of an inexpensive gaming mouse. Nothing fancy, just something that can get me through Skyrim, Age of Empires 2 and Heroes of the Storm.
I found this on amazon, but I’m worried that i might be too cheap. If anyone has any suggestions for under $10 or so dollars, please let me know. Mostly, it has to last a while and be big (I have largish hands).

Oh, and I’m looking for a cheap wifi extender. I have an old TP Wifi Router that works, and I’m thinking of getting this for $20.00.

Thanks as always for the advise and help. I trying not to fall for the trap of buying something cheap and having to replace it frequently, but I am on a budget right now.

I should add that I love my current mouse, but it double clicks everything. It has killed my AOE2 game, as I keep selecting all villagers by mistake.

This is the newest version of that mouse, but it’s a bit more then I spent on it originally.


RedDragon has gotten some decent props from LinusTechTips on the low-end peripherals market recently.

Yes, I realize this is $13. If it looks like it suits your needs, though, PM me and I’ll literally paypal ya the extra $3 :)

It’s also about a cm narrower than the ZODIC, give or take, but the ZODIC’s got those crazy extendy bits that I think give it a false sense of width. The RD piece is, however, a little longer :)


Thanks Armando. 3 dollars won’t break the bank so if it will hold up to giant hands, I’ll gladly pay extra. Really, anything under 15 would be great, and anything under 10 would be cool, but I don’t want to end up being a penny smart, but a pond foolish.


LTT just did a roundup of cheap mice. Check it out.


I’d love to know what Qt3 thinks of these. We have a constant wifi signal issue in our house. The main router/wifi unit is downstairs and we’re having a hell of a time getting a good signal upstairs.


I haven’t had a great experience with them. I would setup a powerline or MOCA bridge (MOCA is better) and put a second full-on router upstairs.


Esplain to me lik I’m dumb.

(I am on this stuff.)


MOCA is basically ethernet over coaxial cable, the same as your cable TV. It works better than powerline, which tends to have interference from various junctions and whatnot. Since it’s wired it’s rock-solid and consistent.

So you plug ethernet from your main router to one end of a MOCA bridge, plug that into your coax in the wall, plug another MOCA bridge into the coax upstairs, and then plug a second router into that in bridge mode.


Thanks @ArmandoPenblade and @stusser.

I’m concerned about the Redragon disconnecting though.

Maybe the Letton or Eagletec from the youtube video.


Hmm, would that interfere with my existing MOCA stuff my cable company has in my house for whole-house DVR?

On a related note, shouldn’t I be concerned about general security issues running an old WRT54g as a repeater? Or does it use the main router for security?


You should be able to set the new MOCA adapters to a different channel so they don’t interfere with your cable company. But I would research it first to be sure.

No security issues because the WRT54g isn’t exposed to the internet. However 802.11g is pretty slow for 2017. I would try to pick up a cheapo N or AC router.


So this?

Downstairs cable from wall —> downstairs cable modem ----> MOCA -----> Back into downstairs cable outlet? -----> upstairs cable from wall ----> MOCA -----> upstairs router?


It is a little spendy but I highly recommend an Orbi setup in these cases.


Assuming your cable modem is also a router yes.

And yes, a mesh setup is even better yet. But like you said, it’s pretty expensive.


To piggyback onto this topic; does anyone know of a gaming mouse that has dual-mode scrolling (free-spinning and click) for less than $30?


I have two Redragon mice. They are awesome. I have these… their stuff is highly recommended for being excellent on a budget.