In search of a mouse


Beamforming was giving me a single high ping every minute or so. I turned it off and it went away. Very bad for online gaming.


The Redragon mice I posted are excellent. No problems over the last couple years. Highly recommended. The M801 probably suits your need.


Thanks everyone. I’m a little sad the layout I’ve gotten so used to (3 up top, 2 longer buttons along the left and right sides) is apparently so uncommon these days, but the personal recs for all the other options are a big help.

Down between the G502, M65, and M801 right now; the Deathadder’s sadly just lacking a couple too many buttons to maintain all the shortcuts I use in Windows most often. Funnily enough, given how little I game on my PC, stuff like dpi, profiles, macro buttons, etc., is pretty much all just gravy for me.


Don’t go with Logitech. I’ve always found their products and customer service to be fantastic and have used various Logitech mice and keyboards for the last 12 or 13 years. When my wireless solar keyboard failed at 18 months, they mailed me out a new one with minimum fuss. When I had issues with my marathon mouse after 3 years, they sent me out a replacement even though out of warranty.

Bought a g402 a year ago. It doesn’t feel great, the gamer stuff is annoying, but it’s accurate and smooth. Then the middle mouse button stopped working (common problem, apparently opening it and giving it a bit of a clean fixes it but invalidates the warranty) so I contacted support. It took a month to get a replacement, and the replacement (in a retail box and unopened) has it’s own problem where it randomly skips downward when moving the mouse. Not worth going through support again, so both mice are binned.


I tried the 502 when it released and it cramped the shit out of my hand. Went to a deathadder, but after a long time I got tired of the size and got an Ec2a from Zowie and haven’t looked back. The ec1a is more deathadder sized if you prefer.

No shit bloated drivers, two side buttons, great sensor and a neutral shape that supports whatever kind of grip is comfortable.


I cannot emphasize enough how much I love the Logitech G Pro. I might love it as much as the G9, which is from ~10 years ago (!), and I’ve been searching ever since then…


That looks so plain in this sea of crazy mice.


My buddy swears by G900 wireless and he’s my PC advisor guy. But that’s a $100 mouse. The only thing I am attracted to is the wireless.


I bought a G900 during a sale. It’s very nice, and I can recommend it. Logitech’s software isn’t as robust as Razer’s when it comes to programming the buttons though.


I wondered about the popularity of optical sensors while I was reading up on the G900, as it uses one too. The explanation I found was that the lasers can track irregularities in the mousing surface, causing jitter. I’ve owned two laser mice and never noticed it, but I’m not an elite pro gamer. Since good optical sensors seem to be pretty accurate nowadays, I don’t care much either way.


I have this one and I love it. Very simple, just a tiny LED. Has to be the 7000 model the others are kind of garbage:


All that this thread has taught me is that to get my truly preferred layout (two extra long-slung buttons on each side), I have to get an ambidextrous mouse. . . which I’ve been using at home for years, probably much to the detriment of my wrists. So I went with the G502, since it had the closest thing I could find (with two buttons on the side and two more up near the corner, which is awkward but less so than the damnable up/down buttons everyone else keeps putting under the mousewheel for some unfathomable reason. How uncomfortable must it be to use those!).


I want to stab whoever wrote the marketing copy on that Amazon page. Eugh.


I wonder is it worth it to get the logitech mousepad? Seems like I’ve had my func pad forever…


Looks like my 3rd Deathadder is nearing its end. First one actually did very well with 5 yrs, second one lasted 3 months and this one is just over 2 years old (just past its warranty deadline!).

I really love its feel and handling, but I’m hesitant to spring for another one considering they arent cheap and seem to breakdown. Looks like its a common issue for Razer products…

So, guess I’ll dig through this thread to see what alternatives you guys suggest. Like I said, I really love the Deathadder shape, so am sad to give up on it, though I’m sure I could get used to a similarly shaped one.

Ok, googling around, it seems these are some possible options:
Zowie EC1A & Logitech G403

SteelSeries Rival 300

Hyperx Pulsefire

& ROG Gladius

Any immediate recommendations or insights?


I’ve already spoken about my love for the zowie mice in this thread, so I’d personally go with that. If you want something slightly smaller and lighter then you go with the ec2a.


Yeah, I just read your post (going backwards through the thread at the moment).

Not really looking for a smaller mouse, I’ve got pretty big hands…


G403 has a nice shape, almost classic MS Intellimouse.


G502 Proteus Omega Supremacy Skullfuck Edition arrived today.

The RGB is gaudy and obnoxious but thankfully disable-able.

The sensitivity settings are actually insane. The mouse is unusable at 6000 DPI and it goes all the way up to 12! I am currently set to 1800 DPI just to have a handle on it.

The two left-finger buttons beside the main Mouse1 button are a little more awkward to reach than I’d hoped.

And the downloadable Logitech software makes my overclocked 4670K, 12GB RAM system lag like a motherfucker.

But goddamn if I don’t kinda like the sucker.


Thanks for the explanation.
Currently using a 5 year-old Corsair M60 laser mouse and never noticed anything either. Then again, I couldn’t tell the difference when I changed from optical to laser. I’m not using any mouse pad, just my smooth faux-wood desktop. Never have had a hitch with either laser or optical. And now the M65 Pro version is back to optical. That just threw me, as I had not heard that optical was back in favor.

I’m not a fussy gamer. As long as ball mice don’t get popular again, I’ll be fine.


Using a ball mouse, like an animal?