In search of a mouse


Well they did have minds of their own. And balls. And you had to constantly clean their balls, or they wouldn’t do anything.


Glad you like it, despite its deficiencies. The high DPI settings take a lot of practice and can be great for specific situations, but NEVER for regular use in my opinion.


Presumably if I played games anymore I could imagine uses for the high DPI stuff, but for now, I’m just clicking back and forth between metal covers of Hunchback of Notre Dame tracks and Qt3, and for that, 1800 does just fine :-D


So, even though my warranty expired in April, Razer has decided to replace my mouse! Reckon thats pretty nice of them, though obviously my trust in their products has been diminished quite a bit. Lets see how long this one will last!


What was the mouse wheel like? Easy to roll and click? How about the extra buttons at top left? I read something about them being cheap and difficult to press.


Friends, I could use some help. The right mouse button on my beloved Logitech G500 mouse has been developing problems. Flickering, doesn’t keep when held down, that sort of thing. It’s maddening in shooters.

So I’ve decided to sadly replace it.

Right now I’ve got my eye on the Logitech G502 Proteus thingy, but the Corsair M65 Pro looks really nifty.

So those of you with a G502, how’s it going? I’d also love to hear from any M65 owners as well. Could really use some help deciding here.

Thanks y’all!


G502s still going strong. I don’t love its looks but great mouse.


No issues with my G602 wireless, got it for $40 a few weeks ago.


Is that like, the wireless version of the 502? Not a fan of wireless anything.


Love my 502.


I love my 502 as well, except the left mouse button is toast after 8 months of fairly irregular use. Faulty microswitch. The very same week my much cheaper Logitech wireless mouse (used on laptop) developed the same problem of clicks registering as double clicks. In fact, I can’t recall a former mouse that hasn’t had a microswitch issue, but 8 months for the G502 is a record. I guess it’s still under warranty but for the moment I went back to a cheap $20 Microsoft mouse. Works fine.


Ohhh, I forgot this is now a thing as well.



Reminds me the best mouse I ever used (which is still, after 15 years, still going strong; my wife uses it) is a small Microsoft Notebook Optical mouse. It’s quite tiny, easy to pack, and just works great. They must have used some quality microswitches in that thing.

Ha, I just discovered it’s still available.

That’s my next mouse sorted.


I’ve got some recent mouse experiences!

I purchased a G502 about six months ago for my PC. I love it. While there’s no denying it’s got a funky shape, that seems to be the current trend in gamer mice (angles jutting out here and there). One of the things I especially like about the design is that it has a little nubby surfaces on the right and left sides (the right side has a bit more texture to it). Those surfaces let me know I’m gripping it in the right place. Plus, the left side has a concave surface and a little wing that juts out like half an inch at the base, so your thumb fits right in there and rests in a good default position that feels like “home.” This is a corded mouse, and the cord has a braided cover and is pretty long. It has a bunch of buttons including a tilt wheel (which are my go-to buttons for gaming). It also has a button that lets the mousewheel roll freely (this lets you scroll really fast through a long web page). I really like this mouse.

Over Christmas I purchased a laptop and I’ve been trying to find a good wireless mouse for it. I initially purchased a G603 since it seemed like a new model and it has some new connection technology (“Lightspeed,” whatever that is). This mouse feels like the opposite of the 502 - the mouse surface is smooth all over. The right side bulges out just a bit (more than the 502). The left side is sort of angled a bit so the mouse is narrower at the base than at the top. This means I was never exactly sure where my grip was relative to the mouse unless I looked at it (and when gaming, I don’t want to have to be constantly looking at the mouse to make sure I’m gripping it right).There doesn’t appear to be any sort of “home” position where you can grip the mouse and feel like you’ve got it in a good grip. And the smoothish surface means it can slip out of your grasp if you pick it up to reposition it. The Lightspeed technology lets you connect via Bluetooth or through a USB dongle. I connected with no issues with Bluetooth but after a windows update it refused to reconnect so I had to switch to the dongle. No tilt wheel buttons. I don’t like the feel of the mouse at all, and I kept looking for another wireless mouse from the second I got it.

Next I got a G602. It’s billed as a “Wireless Gaming Mouse.” It uses a USB dongle, which works fine. The design of it is more akin to the 502. It has the same little wing on the left side and so provides a good home position for your thumb. The surface is pretty smooth, but the thumb area helps you know you’re holding the mouse in the right place. It has a number of buttons, most of which I’ve not used - the extra buttons I have used are a couple of extra buttons to the left of the left mouse button. Those buttons are easy to hit. There’s a whole bank of them just above the thumb. I haven’t used any of those in any games yet. It does not have a tilt wheel. I’m happy with this but I really wish there was a multi-button mouse that had a tilt wheel (did I mention I really like the tilt wheel??).

If they ever came out with a wireless version of the G502 I’d buy it. But for now I’m going to stick with what I have.


G502 FTW.


Thanks guys! I’m gonna go to Fry’s and Best Buy on Monday to try these out.


I got a Logitech G903 not too long ago. Ambidextrous gaming mouse. Quite overpriced…

It’s slick to use, and the wireless works just as well as the wired (at least at the DPI I use). Better than the Bluetooth mice, as it works perfectly even in the BIOS.

I like it comes with a cable that allows you to mount the dongle onto it, so you can quickly switch over to wired mode when it needs charging (every couple of days).

It has a tilt wheel, also a switch that shifts between free spin and ratcheted modes. Both feel good. However like many mice, the wheel button needs too much force to press down.

It has 2 left and 2 right side buttons, any of which can be removed to customize the layout. My grip must be weird because like most mice I still find the forward-most button difficult to reach easily…

Overall it’s okay but I don’t love it. If the wheel button clicked nicely and the buttons were better positioned I’d be more enamored.


Looking at the praise over the G502, I feel so superficial for not being able to consider purchasing one, simply because of its horrible, childish looks. And the term gaming mouse: I hardly game in the way Logitech think of it.
Is there a mouse offering a similar grip, but without all the extra buttons? I only ever use the 2buttons and the scrollwheel. I looked up the G402, which features less buttons but seem to be much less pleasurable.


Yeah, I don’t like the cosmetics either, but it is a fantastic mouse. Feels great in the hand.

I love the extra buttons-- have the up and down buttons mapped to zoom in/out in the browser, the thumb button for expose on mac, and the little button below the scroll wheel to refresh my browser.


Meh I think there are better choices than the G502. And I agree it is fugly. I stopped using mine a while ago as I experimented with other choices.