In search of a mouse


What are they?


I don’t have super strong feelings about this, it is a perfectly cromulent mouse, but over time I grew to greatly loathe the aesthetics of it. Plus I prefer a more claw grip friendly mouse.


The only thing I didn’t like about the G502, when it was working, was the ease with which I’d hit the sensitivity buttons and throw everything off. It would then take a good 20 seconds of randomly pressing buttons again to try and figure out how to reverse what I’d done. I’d have been tempted to turn that shit off completely in the options, to be honest. I never used it intentionally once I’d settled on sensitivity I liked.


I can’t speak to either of those specifically, and maybe things have changed recently, but several years ago, I went through a period where every single Logitech mouse I bought (4 of them, various gaming models) developed a double-click when single-click was intended, each of them after about 6 months or so. And I had been using Logitech exclusively for many years up until then, so giving up on them was a difficult choice.

I eventually dropped Logitech mice because of this problem, and switched to a Corsair M60 about 5 years ago. That M60 is still functioning perfectly to this day. I love it so much that I bought a spare, which I have never needed to take out of its packaging.


Good to know, thank you!


I just ordered the M510:

Hopefully it’s decent.


I remapped the sensitivity change button to CTRL-R, to refresh the page in my browser. I never want to change my mouse speed on the fly.


So now I’m also considering a Razer Basilisk because I love sniping in FPS games.


Amazon tells me I ordered one of these April 16th, 2012. I have no memory of that! Plus I don’t have it around. I’m guessing I got it for my son.


Some people find the 502 comfortable, but I do not like mice that force you to grip it in a specific way. It’s bad design and guaranteed not to work for everyone.

Unless something better comes along, or some real improvement is made to the mouse I have I can’t think of any reason not to stick with my zowie mice.

Simple safe shape, good sensors, and no annoying drivers to deal with.


Wow, I’ve never even heard of Zowie, but their EC2 mouse looks nice. I’ll have to try that as well! Thanks!


If you have ever tried a deathadder and thought it was slightly too big, then you might like it. I have the ec2a and it’s lovely.


I have not! Should I? I’ve had this G500 for at least five years, so I’ve never tried any others since then.


I’m using a DeathAdder 3.5 and I like the mouse itself a lot. I came from a Logitech MX518 and I’d say I like them about equal. I preferred the mouse wheel of the 518, but I prefer the side buttons of the DeathAdder. The shape of the 518 was slightly more comfortable, but I like the materials of the DeathAdder a little better. Durability wise I couldn’t yet say, since the 518 still worked perfectly well when I replaced it, and it was probably going on 7 or 8 years old. The sensitivity buttons are obviously far more conveniently placed on the 518, but I never use them anyway so I actually prefer them not being in my way.

I would prefer not having to run mouse software at all, so that kinda irritates me, but it’s not a big deal. Synapse seems to have some nice features for those that would utilize them.


You don’t need to run any software with the G502, as you can save all the settings in the mouse itself. You lose program-specific settings of course, if that matters to you.


I’m using a G502 which Logitech replaced for free because of stuck double-clicking.


The Zowie ec1a is closer in size to the deathadder I believe. I liked the deathadder, but in the end it was larger and heavier than I wanted.

Now you’d be looking at the newer ec2b/a models.

This might be of use.




I’m still a fan of the Deathadder. After my last one starting having trouble, I seriously looked for an alternative (see upthread), but in the end just came back to the Deathadder, as nothing could quite fill its big shoes.

(or perhaps I’m just too used to it now and as a cranky old person don’t want to change my habits after almost a decade using this mouse…)


I’m a fingertip gripper myself, but my main mouse CM Storm Xornet is supposed to be a claw grip mouse. It’s very old, and even its successor Xornet II is not made anymore. But hey, if you’re looking for claw mouse…