In search of a mouse


I hated the Razer software and my Razer mouse broke too young, so I’m done with Razer. Logitech has always been good for me, hopefully they don’t go downhill.


Poop, based on the nifty looking sniper clutch thing it has, the Razer Basilisk is the one I’m most interested in at the moment.


I won’t buy anything from Razer again either because of their issues with using cheap glue to secure rubber parts, though that lever does look nice. I love my Func MS-3, but they no longer make it. It has a button like that, but my tiny hands can’t reach it, so that lever does make sense.


Sorry man, got the Razer Basilisk. Best Buy had a ton of mice to try, but the Razers felt the most comfy, and while it wasn’t on display with the others, the others had a good enough hand feel, plus a desire to try out the sniper clutch, that I couldn’t resist.

The close 2nd place was the Logitech G403, which felt very much like my G500, but the palm bump was just too high.

Can’t wait to try it out. :) Thanks for everyone’s help!


Hope it is awesome.


Me too!


So after loading up the software and configuring the basics (around 2,000 DPI seems to work for me), I loaded up my current FPS of the moment, Medal of Honor Airborne, and tried it out.

Holy. Crap.

The sniper clutch thing is AMAZING. I’m gonna have to retrain my hand to use it naturally, but wow, it slows down the cursor fantastically on the fly, allowing for accurate sniping down the scope. Thing feels so great and mostly natural.

I need a new mousepad with a wrist rest though since it’s a tad lower than the G500 I was using and I could use some wrist support. Really happy with it so far though.


OMG it’s even better with Titanfall 2. OMG. I really need to get used to it though, I palmed my last one, and have to more claw this one, so my hand is a bit tingly, but I’ll get there.


I used to have a Razer, but I think my hand shape/grip just doesn’t mesh well with them. They’re well made, but the comfort level’s never been there for me. I’ll have to try out the Basilisk the next time I have the opportunity.




I’ve been using it for a few days, and it does not feel as good as my old mouse:

I think the Logitech mouse has more of a claw grip versus the GE mouse’s palm grip, and I feel some pain in the metacarpals after just a few hours of use. My hand definitely does not feel as relaxed and comfy. The mouse also weighs more.



Not a big surprise maybe, just looking at that picture on Amazon’s product page the 510 doesn’t look very comfortable.


So I just got an email about this mouse:

It has a thumbstick!


Color me interested.


I believe the technical term is a clit. Right @ArmandoPenblade?




So my second Logitech G700s is starting to double click and just generally get funky. It seems to be discontinued as last spring they were still going for $70ish on amazon but now are outrageously priced be resellers.

Wish I had bought a box of them. My brain is hard wired for that mouse now. No other mouse seems to have the side buttons like the 700s. And damn I will miss that gritty feel on the ring finger and thumb. Probably miss that most of all.


Right mouse button on my G502 has gone funky after about 16 months. Ah well. Ordered another from Amazon for $50. Hope it gets here soon, I got fortresses to capture in my Far Cry Primal survival run.


If you contact Logitech, they’ll probably send you another one for free.


Tried the MX Master? It’s missing a couple of buttons compared to the G700 (they’re replaced with a thumb roller), but the ones it has are in the same place. It uses their “Darkfield” laser so you get very good surface compatibility (including glass).

Edit: Scratch that - I hadn’t noticed the extra buttons the G700S has on the top left.