In search of a mouse


And for the record, I have a MX-400 with peeling rubber and loud RMB. Apart from that, I like it :) I had a white/grey Mouseman Wheel + or something like that before, for years. That was the one with the bad wheel. But I've really come to love that thick, fit-in-your-wrist shape, and whenever I have to use a regular, flat mouse, I always feel my hand atrophying right there.


FYI: I also used that same Phillips screwdriver to bust up my computer chair in another fit of wild and violent rage. I still have the chair on my balcony - as spare part - in case I need the gas canister from the bottom. Also that made me go out and buy an even better chair. All's well that ends well, as they say.


Go play with a funnelweb spider.


FWIW i have not had problems with G5 + KVM. The forward and back buttons (4, 5) work.

I can tell you the G15 Logitech keyboard has issues with a KVM - you can type on it, but switching between XP/Vista hosts really confuses the keyboard LCD applets. It can't tell which PC it is supposed to be talking to. Fortunately, my G15 fried so I went back to my trusty Ultra-X. Good keys, no stupid FN keys. $20.

That's actually one blessing from not using the razer - it liked to suddenly disappear.
(it's just really lousy drivers. Their own support site says if you switch USB ports you have to uninstall the driver and reinstall.)


I had that keyboard. I absolutely love it's design and feel. Well, right till the Logitech curse struck again and the enter-key started to stick and the space bar bagan to "hammer".


For years I used a Trackman, then the trackman marble, then the trackman wheel. I prefer the latter. But at the time I needed a mouse on a ship that wouldn't move around while underway. They are still nice, but when you're using a bit fat gaming desk, it kind of ruins the point of a stationary mouse (aka trackball.) I'm still a logitech diehard, but I prefer mice these days.

What was funny though was the reaction of people when they sit at your desk and can't use one at all. "This thing doesn't work! Your mouse sucks!"


I took the plunge today, and bought myself a Logitech G9. My old G7 bit the dust, and my 518 was flaking. The rubber was all coming off the sides.

Sadly to say, the G9 is made of that same kind of rubber so it's only a matter of time before that happens to it. Regardless of that, it's pretty comfortable. I'm liking it, but I haven't tested it with any games yet.

Edit: oh, cute. There's even a dry hard grip that comes with, and digging through the box reveals a cute little aluminum box with weights in it.


I've never had any rubber come off any Logitech mouse, whether 518 or G5 or G7 or G9. Then again, it's generally cool and mostly dry here, unlike Singapore I guess.


The G9's come with two interchangeable shells. One of mine eventually had all the rubber flake off as you described. The other seems to be textured plastic, so it'll probably last over the long haul.


I've spent a bit of time with it in TeamFortress 2, and it works great. I set the DPI all the way up on the mouse and set the ingame sensitivity to 1.00. Seems to work out alright.


I've had an MX Rev for awhile and I like it well enough but it does some really fruity things sometimes (like the scroll wheel disengages in IE, wtf), so I can't really recommend it. I'ma give the G9 a go.


uh you can turn that off, bill. check the mouse options to have it on a per-app basis or one you toggle by pressing the scroll.

all logitech mice need to have uberoptions installed for full key assignment.


Either you're incredibly unlucky or you're rough on your shit. Logitech stuff is usually pretty well-built.


The scrollwheel of my two year-old G5 started acting up a few days ago, and is now unable to register one in five turns. It's slowly driving me nuts. I'm now torn between getting the updated G5 or the G9. The latter is ugly as hell, but it seems more suited to my small, pretty hands. That metal flywheel seems like a pretty big plus, too. The G5, however, is a shape my hand is already used to? Any thoughts or updates from those of you who bought new mice in the past month or two?


The G5 is $30 at Costco.


metal flywheel is full of win. Other than that, the G5 is still a good choice, of course.


i did not think it would matter but i LOVE the no-sweat material of the g5.


I'd get the G5, although if you have small hands, the G9 will work, too, as it's actually a fairly small mouse. That was one of my criticisms of it upthread -- that I couldn't properly "palm" it. I realized I just don't like stubby mice like that.

I'm using my G5 at work and having used it more extensively, I have to admit it's probably my second favorite mouse now, after the Deathadder. The "non-sweat" coating feels odd compared to a mouse with a slick surface, but it works well.


Am I in the minority in the way I use a mouse? My palm never touches the mouse (maybe grazes it sometimes), and my wrist is planted on the desk and never moves. My thumb, ring and little finger grip the mouse on its two sides while my middle finger rests on the edge of the right button. I move the mouse around using mostly just motion from those fingers, supplemented slightlyby my wrist's motion if I have to move it far to either side.

This is opposed to moving your hand with the mouse, I suppose? I asked one person and he said that he moves his hand around 1:1 with the mouse. Hm, Google is telling me that the way I do it is apparently bad for you.


I don't know about that, but you're probably in the minority of people who continue to mouse that way and haven't had to have surgery due to it yet. That's just asking for CT problems with long use cycles.