In search of a mouse


I like the big WowPads because they're extremely thin and cheap to replace when necessary. You do need to tape them down, though:


A while ago, I invested in a Razer eXactMat (god that hurts to type out), and I really like it. It has two different surfaces, one that's a bit faster than the other, and both are pretty useful. It's easy to clean, which is nice, but the rubber shoes on each side have started to come off. I suspect some super glue would secure them down just fine, though.


I have a DeathAdder (though I mainly use my G9 now) and use it with afunc Surface1030 (mine is plain black, without that "colorful" orange trim). Like the Razer frank has, it has two surfaces, so you can choose the one that suits you. The pad sits flush in its "shell" and has rubber backing that holds it in place. I've never had mine slide around at all and it's very durable. It costs more than an el cheapo but I've had zero issues with it for years now. Works much better than using the surface of my desk.


I stole a mouse pad from the computer lab at school a couple years back. Custom printed foam rubber thing. I still like those. I ordered a high performance surface once, but missed it in the box of parts from NewEgg and accidentally tossed it in the trash. Never got to use it.


I bought a hard pad last time after being a foam user for years. The only downside to using it is that if it gets any small crumbs or salt you can really feel it. Of course it cleans off right away.

Otherwise I'm pretty happy with it. The cheap Allsop thing I have is heavy and has a rubber grip on the bottom so it doesn't ever move. My optical mouse thinks it's great.


So I ended up buying this pad. Seems pretty decent & is nice and big. ;) The blue design also goes well with the blue Death Adder lights... Not that that was a selection criteria!


Amazon has the Logitech G9 for $65.49; there's also a $25 rebate (expires 3/30), making it $40.49.


It's a great price, but you'll miss out on the 5000dpi you'd get if you bought the G9x!

By the way, has anyone here ordered a personalized G9 grip from Logitech?


I actually use my G9 with neither of the grips attached. I have a large hand and I thought the larger grip would work better, but it turns out that I can use it more easily and accurately by just holding the mouse with my fingertips than resting my hand on the grip.


Dell has the original Sidewinder mouse for $35. Use coupon code ZBC8LPSBMMRB28 for free 2-day shipping (exp. 4/1).


I love my Ratpadz pad so much that I bought one for my husband, one for work, and one for every single one of my siblings. I would never have believed that a mousepad would be worth $25, but the surface feels slick as anything, yet still very controlled.

Let's put it this way, my office upgraded computers in early fall. The tech came over to do the install, and when he started using the mouse, he stopped, and then spent a few seconds moving the mouse around. Even he liked the pad!


rat padz are shitty, they wear out so fast, i went through 3 in a year before i tossed them completely for a func mousing surface and an everglide.


Logitech G9 for $50 w/free S&H minus $30 rebate = $20.




I'll leave the kissing to Bill, but this is the deal of the year so far. Many thanks for posting it.


Amazon has it for $52.98 with the $30 rebate bringing it down to $22.98. If you've got Prime this means free 2-day air. I know a lot of you probably do, so just throwing this out there.


I'm wondering if Logitech is clearing out the G9, now that the G9x is out. Well, whatever: for $20 post-rebate, the G9's finally cheap enough for me to finally find out if it's really all that. :-)


Looking at the specs for the G9 and the G9x side by side there's a hell of a lot of I Don't Care separating the two. I'd rather buy five of the former than one of the latter.


But but but Tracy, you can customize the grip!

Sweet! The inside of a chronic smoker's lung! Rad!


You can slap that chronic smoker's lung grip on either the G9 or the G9x. Assuming you're willing to pay the price of the post-rebate G9 for a chronic smoker's lung grip.

The real difference between the two is that the G9x can pull an extra 10G relative to the G9. So if you're in, say, a UFO that is crashing into a planet at Mach 40 and need to pull up using your mouse-based controls the G9x will totally save your ass while the G9 will help you make a Texas-sized dinosaur-eradicating crater. I'm just banking on the fact that I'll be done with the G9 and on to something better before I'm in a situation like that.