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Now that the authentication server problems are abating and I’ve gotten over my fear of being summarily recruited over ICQ (“Sorry Seargeant, I’d like to join the Army but last time I tried they said I should take a psych test and I kind of freaked out”), I gotta say the game is engaging. Although it’s really hard NOT to kill your teammates even when you try. On the plus side this is one of the few games where people actually say “sorry” when they frag grenade you in the back as you’re about to take the center arch. I wish my tax dollars could pay for a damn in-game browser though.

Your tax dollars will pay for an in-game browser–it’s being worked on. Sniper school is supposed to be released today… I can’t wait.

I’ll be interested to see how that will affect the game. In my non-military opinion, they’ve done a very good job of balancing the weapons so far by making them cumbersome/slow to use and limiting the number of special weapons in a squad. Plus it seems to me that on maps where snipers would have an extraordinary advantage like Bridge or Insurgent, they’ve done a good job of limiting it by say using fog or having few places that can’t be flanked.

Today? I heard it was the 28th.

I love the game so far and it’s even better once you get it running on a LAN. Then people who whine about ‘qualifying’ get a chance to feel the wrath of qualified folk like me. I love watching someone whine about their gun jamming on them.

I believe Ranger and Airborne come out on the 28th of August, which is possibly grounds for confusion. BUt according to, sniper school is set for release today… no mention of it yet, though.

Doh. Says Ranger and Airborne are coming out on August 22nd.

I finally got through the MOUT training legit like a few weeks back and I’ve played all the maps. It’s pretty damn fun. Friendly fire is really had to avoid though. On the bridge level I was on the defending team and snuck up on the outside edge of the bridge to the center structure. I climbed up top and took out the sniper I found there only to have my own guys cap me off.

But that’s a pretty realistic portrayal of things. I think the real key is communication. You’ve got to keep your team apprissed of what you’re doing and where you are.

I’ll throw in my vote in favor of AA as well. It’s very, very fun, and I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming expansions.

There’s nothing more satisfying than making the attackers on Pipeline grenade themselves by closing the door on them (as defense) when they try to throw one in. Usually they nuke a couple of their bunched-up teammates, too. :twisted:

What you don’t think real soldiers don’t whine when their guns jam on them? :)

— Alan

I would say one of the biggest problems with FF is on the MILES maps where the difference in outfits is very slight. So you’ve got two options when you’ve suddenly come on a potential enemy but aren’t sure: cap him quick and hope for the best or hesitate to make sure and possibly get shot.

Which I would argue is realistic as well :)

Yes, it’s a fun game but I prefer OFP and Ghost to this because the bad guys are more easily identifiable.

What I don’t like about Ghost (MP) is those farging bastages that somehow flank what seems to be a perfecrt sniping position! :)

Easy (well maybe not that easy) way to distinguish friend from foe in AA: One team has backpacks, the other does not. That’s really the only way I can tell the difference on a lot of maps–sometimes (such as on Pipeline) you get a totally different outfit… but that’s it.

Actually, I found that a big part of the OFP gameplay was figuring out whether the guy you were zeroed in on was a friend or foe, (particularly because of the range at which combat takes place). Ghost was less of a problem, as the baddies wear distinctly different uniforms and aren’t nearly as far away. Haven’t tried AA yet. (still constrained by a slow net connection)

  • Alan

I only wish it was “Airborne Ranger” you spoke of. That C64 classic still haunts my dreams…