In the Loop (aka The Thick of It Movie)

OMG, this is absolutely, positively awesome in so many ways

Malcolm Tucker goes to DC!!!


It’ll be a bit sad to not have Chris Langham, though. Man, what a weird twist all that stuff was. :(


“You sound like Nazi Julie Andrews!”

“Allow me to pop a jaunty bonnet on your purview and ram it up your arse with a lubricated horse cock!”

The Thick of It is fucking tremendous. I’ve been desperate to see this but haven’t had the time - everything I’ve read and heard about it has been gushingly positive.

It’s not really much more than an extended episode of a sitcom, to be honest. It’s really funny, well acted, and has some of the best swearing ever (believe me, ‘lubricated horse cock’ isn’t the funniest line), but it just doesn’t really feel much like a film.

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked it, just vaguely disappointed.

This is finally opening this Friday. The NY Times posts a profile about it.

Great, great film. I missed this thread first time around. It’s not as good in Washington as it is in London, but that just means it’s less fantastic there. I put some of that down to the very raw state/view of politics here making it funnier (although I don’t agree with the NY Times saying Washington is more dangerous than the Commons, personally).

Definitely an extended episode in feel, but as I don’t think The Thick of It will be back this is a fitting end for the show.

Oh my lord, this movie is hysterical. The scene where General Gandolfini is in that little girl’s bedroom calculating soldier casualties on a toy laptop? The sound effects had me dying of laughter. Sheer brilliance.

Now I’ll have to track down The Thick of It and see what I’ve been missing!

There was a clip online that completely spoiled that calculator scene, but I imagine there’s a ton that hasn’t been spoiled yet. I’m seeing it tonight! Only one theater in San Francisco showing it… Must order tickets!

Weirdly enough, the entire run of The Thick of It is on YouTube, and they’ve been up there for a couple of years! Each episode is in three parts. I just rewatched them a couple of weeks ago. The Thick of It is brilliant, though.

this is playing in one place in nyc, but it’s pretty much on every screen there

It’s great. Don’t forget to find the specials.

Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker is brilliant.

Saw It. Loved It. Fuckity-Bye is my new favorite saying!

I think IFC is distributing this, so it should be available on cable On Demand systems in the next week or two.

Saw this today and thought it was solid but not great. It’s sort of a political Apatow movie in that the bulk of the laughs come from what crazy-awesome names you can call each other. But I didn’t find much of it funny beyond that and it really fizzled out for me by the time The Wall was getting introduced. I laughed here and there but didn’t think there was enough there to fill 110 minutes.

But worth checking out overall.

Saw this last night via on demand. What a fantastically funny movie. Its like the West Wing rewritten by a British version of the Cohen brothers hopped up on meth.

I saw this a few months ago and was baffled how it is getting such seemingly universal acclaim. Maybe I don’t appreciate British humor or whatever, but it just seemed rather dumb film with a meandering plot that completely lost steam an hour in.

The I Heart Huckabees jab was pretty hilarious, though.

just seen it. that was so funny… I did not understand most of it (english is my second language), but you just understand it the way it is played out…

loved it when Gandolfini calculated the war casualties with a baby pocket calculator…


“You want to have some soldiers left over afterwards. Otherwise, it looks like you lost.”


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