In the next expansion for XCOM 2, the aliens will choose you

Also, there are zombie hordes, because everything is better with zombie hordes.

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Aren’t “daily challenges” an MMO thing? How does that work in a game that’s supposed to be singleplayer?

It’s pretty common in single player games. A few examples: Spelunky, Offworld Trading Company, Infested Planet, Mini Metro.

Everyone plays the same randomly generated scenario. The results are scored somehow, and the scores are recorded on a shared leaderboard. You can view a global leaderboard or just a leaderboard containing your Steam/PSN/etc friends.

Specifically for XCOM, I’d guess the Daily Challenge will be a single tactical battle with a predetermined squad, map, and initial opponent placement. Score might be based on how quickly you win and how many casualties you take.

I’ve had XCOM 2 installed for months, and I’m finally ready to take it for a spin. Should I…

  1. Play vanilla XCOM 2 or
  2. Play XCOM 2 with some DLC (and if so, which DLC) or
  3. Wait for the expansion?

For background, I’ve played through original X-COM from the olden days, Terror from the Deep, and the reboot. I like XCOM a whole lot. (But apparently not enough to have played this sequel yet!)

I’d play vanilla w/some of the “quality of life” mods that strike you (for example, I like the one that changes the health bar to an actual number, so much more readable). The base game as-is plays really well and has a ton of content. Play that and if you still want some X2 action, look at mods and official DLC.

But I wouldn’t play too much, just one full game, as the DLC and expansion sounds like it’s going to mix things up a lot. I do think you’ll appreciate the expansion all the more for experiencing the base game. It’s kind of too bad you waited so long - you run the risk of burning out on X2 before the expansion, or at least I would. Unless, of course, you don’t play the expansion at launch, which would probably be wise, if you think about it. So you’re probably doing this correctly.

Thanks, Scott. I’m likely to only play through it once, so I’ll probably roll vanilla with some QoL mods.

Check out the main Xcom 2 thread for suggestions on good mods to use. Lots of useful information there.

I hope you have as much fun as I did!

If you are going to play it just onceI’d wait for the dlc because of what it adds.

The Assassin:

The Skirmisher:

Lots of spoilers here, but it looks fantastic!

It does look good, but… I feel like it looks underwhelming compared to long war.

So at this time i’m probably siding towards finishing my long war game rather than this.

Has the price been reported, yet? If not, it’s $39.99(!). On the bright side, you can currently grab it from GMG for $29.51 with code 2017E318OFF: