In the Philippines, Judge Consults Three Wee Friends

In the Philippines, Ex-Judge Consults Three Wee Friends

Mr. Floro Loses His Job
But Becomes a Celebrity;
Using a Little Elfin Magic

September 17, 2007; Page A1

MANILA, Philippines – As a trial-court judge, Florentino V. Floro Jr. acknowledged that he regularly sought the counsel of three elves only he could see. The Supreme Court deemed him unfit to serve and fired him last year.

Case closed? Not in the Philippines, where vampires are said to prey on unwary travelers and wealthy politicians consult fortune tellers and card readers. Mr. Floro, 54 years old, has become a media celebrity. He is now wielding his new clout to campaign for the return of his job – and exact vengeance on the Supreme Court.

Helping him, he says, are his three invisible companions. “Angel” is the neutral force, he says. “Armand” is a benign influence. “Luis,” whom Mr. Floro describes as the “king of kings,” is an avenger.

Mr. Floro has become a regular on Philippine television. Often he is asked to make predictions with the help of his invisible friends. “They say your show will be taken off the air if you don’t feature me more often,” was Mr. Floro’s reply to one interviewer.

The day after Mr. Floro’s first appearance on television last year, hundreds of people turned up at his house in a dusty Manila suburb hoping he could use his supernatural powers to heal their illnesses. Now Mr. Floro, who travels by bus, is regularly recognized on the street.

The Supreme Court says its medical clinic determined that Mr. Floro was suffering from psychosis. Even so, a series of disturbing incidents appear to have the nation’s top jurists rattled. According to local newspaper reports, a mysterious fire in January destroyed the Supreme Court’s crest in its session hall, and a number of members of the court and their close family members have developed serious illnesses or have fallen victim to car accidents.

Enough bizarre things have happened that in July, the Supreme Court issued an en banc resolution asking Mr. Floro to desist in his threats of “ungodly reprisal.” The Supreme Court’s spokesman declined to elaborate.

Mr. Floro says he is not suffering from psychosis, and that he’s not to blame for the incidents. He points the finger squarely at “king of kings” elf Luis, who Mr. Floro says is bent on cleaning up what he says is the Philippines’ corrupt legal system.

Mr. Floro says he never consulted the invisible elves over judicial decisions and the fact that he puts faith in them should make no difference to his career. “It shouldn’t matter what I believe in, whether it’s Jesus, Muhammad, or Luis, Armand and Angel,” he says in an interview.

The Philippines has a long history of mixing organized religion with a deep belief in the supernatural. During the 1950s and 1960s, when the Southeast Asian nation was already an independent republic, the Central Intelligence Agency stoked fears of vampires and ghouls to help its preferred candidates win elections.

The elf, or “duwende,” is one of a rich pantheon of supernatural beings that predate the Philippines’ colonization by Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. Many Filipinos make pilgrimages to Mount Banahaw, just south of Manila, which is reputedly the country’s capital for elves and other beings.


• Read the Philippines Supreme Court decision dismissing Mr. Floro from the service.Jaime Licauco, who teaches parapsychology at San Beda College in Manila, testified on behalf of Mr. Floro in a 2001 hearing. He argued Mr. Floro is mentally fit and argues the former judge’s beliefs aren’t so unusual in the Philippine context.

Like many others in the Philippines, Mr. Floro says he himself is a Roman Catholic, and once studied to be a priest. He recalls that he wasn’t convinced that serving the church was necessarily the best way to serve other Filipinos. He says he thought he could improve more people’s lives if he became a lawyer, and he handily passed the bar exams.

Mr. Floro says he first realized he had the power to perceive Armand, Angel and Luis in 1986. In 1998, he applied to switch from being a lawyer to becoming a judge. He passed a mandatory psychiatric evaluation applied to all prospective judges and was sworn in as a regional trial-court judge in November of that year, handling both civil and criminal cases in Malabon, a district in greater Manila.

In 1999, Mr. Floro invited officials from the Supreme Court’s administration unit to inspect his small courtroom. What they found unnerved them, and the Supreme Court convened a hearing to determine whether Mr. Floro should be removed from the bench.

According to Supreme Court papers, the court investigators presenting evidence at the hearing said they found Mr. Floro wearing blue robes instead of the normal black. Mr. Floro’s own witnesses testified that he wore black on Fridays to “recharge his psychic powers.”

The court investigators also reported that Mr. Floro began court proceedings with readings from the Book of Revelation and conducted hands-on psychic healing sessions for members of the public in his chambers during recesses. The investigators said Mr. Floro would sometimes enter a trance to write his rulings.

During the hearing, Mr. Floro revealed his contact with his elves. He also shared with the judges that Luis predicted that then-Philippine President Joseph Estrada would be ousted from office; Mr. Estrada was forced from power by a popular revolt two years later in 2001 and was sentenced last week to life in prison for corruption.

In March 2006, after lengthy delays, the Supreme Court finally dismissed Mr. Floro from the court service, largely because of his belief in the supernatural. Even though Mr. Floro says the elves played no part in his judicial decisions, the Supreme Court justices said his broad faith in mysticism and supernatural phenomena had affected his work.

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Judge Floros Interview about the Story of Luis, Armand & Angel:

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Lowering the Bar Cited as International Precedent

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I dunno. Quite entertaining even if he is shilling … himself? Or maybe I’m bored this morning.

Way too many fucking links.

Exclamation point!

Ramon Tulfo
‘Bribe’ story nothing new
By Ramon Tulfo

Last updated 02:00am (Mla time) 10/13/2007

Why does the Supreme Court allow Caloocan City Regional Trial Court Judge Adoracion G. Angeles to continue holding office even after she has been convicted of violating the Anti-Child Abuse Law?

Another Caloocan City [B]RTC judge, Florentino Floro, was kicked out by the high court for publicly admitting he consulted with elves (dwende) in rendering decisions.

Floro never violated any law. His only fault was believing in the supernatural, while Angeles was convicted of a crime.[/B]
If that’s not favoritism, I don’t know what is.


Imaginary dwarves!

A judge has lost his job in the Phillipines, on the grounds that he regularly consulted with imaginary mystical dwarves who would join him in ‘healing’ sessions.

Judge Florentino Floro, from Manila, was originally removed from his post in April, after it emerged that he believed himself to be psychic, and that he would begin his court session with readings from the Book of Revelation.

In appealing that decision, Judge Floro mounted a staunch defence of the existence of his three dwarf friends - who were named Armand, Luis and Angel - telling the court in a letter that they had made a covenant together.

‘From obscurity, my name and the three mystic dwarves became immortal,’ he added.

In addition to the mystical dwarves, Judge Floro also reportedly believed that he was able to forsee the future, that he could inflict pain on others, and that he was the angel of death. He would change his judicial robes from blue to black every Friday to recharge his psychic powers.

The court found that he was unable to carry out his duties due to ‘mental unfitness’, adding that this could ‘erode the public’s acceptance of the judiciary as the rational guardian of the law.’

Armand, Luis and Angel were unavailable for comment.

[weird news]


24 September 2007
Elves that Won’t Behave Themselves

[B]I hate it when this happens (I didn’t make this up):

Fired Judge Blames Elf for Court Mishaps[/B]
By Debra Cassens Weiss

The Philippines Supreme Court has asked a fired judge who claims he is assisted by three elves to stop making threats of “ungodly reprisal.”
The court kicked Florentino Floro Jr. off the bench largely because of his belief in the supernatural, the Wall Street Journal reports (sub. req.). A medical clinic determined that the judge was suffering from psychosis.
Since then Floro has battled to get his job back, appearing on TV and winning converts who seek his healing powers. At the same time, a series of unfortunate incidents have befallen the supreme court justices or their families, including serious illnesses and car accidents.
Floro says the person to blame for the mishaps is one of the elves, “Luis,” a “king of kings” who is an avenger. He told the newspaper that the elves help him predict the future, but he has never consulted them when issuing judicial decisions.
The Supreme Court has not reversed any of Floro’s decisions since firing him.

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Faith in humanity: Restored.

What condition my condition was inFollow this link to footage of the Furries vs. Klingons league bowling tournament held this past weekend in Midtown Atlanta. Many thanks to “El Lebowski Grande” for the recordings.

Luis, Armand and Angel: The three little elves that cost Philippine Judge Florentino Floro Jr. his place on the bench and netted him a request from the Philippines Supreme Court to stop making threats of “ungodly reprisal” in an effort to get his job back. Luis, for instance, is a “king of kings” and an “avenger” as is apparently none too happy that Floro has been kicked out of the courthouse for being a bloody loony. Rumor has it that the families of the Philippines Supreme Court judges have been falling ill and suffering accidents…

Apparently it’s time for me to start hiring a few elves of my own. Not that I particularly need a seat on the bench in the Philippine courts, but being able to threaten my enemies with ungodly reprisals (with a straight face) appeals to me somewhat, as does the promise of extending my healing ministry to the television networks. Hell, it’s working for Floro.

It seems obvious that “Luis”, “Armand” and “Angel” are references to fictional vampires (as opposed to the other kind) from Rice and Wheedon, and are therefore code names. The “king of kings” reference is the real clue, though, hearkening back to the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth century goetic works (c.f., The Lesser Key of Solomon, The Lemegeton and The Steganographia of Trithemius—the last of which is actually a work on cryptography disguised as a work on summoning and compelling angels and demons, but I digress) classifying demonic abilities and heirarchies (now and forever “lowerarchies” in my head, thanks to Pratchett and Gaiman), and is about the only place you’ll find someone with a rank of “king of kings” who will still deign to pick your nose for you.

Anyway, as of this minute, using cryptographic sorcerous techniques left lying around in insufficiently banned books from the tail end of the fifteenth century, I have compelled service from “Smack”, “Cracker” and “Punk”—who will now beat the living shit out of anyone who reads this who does not either XVFFZ LUNVE LCVAX NFF or promise a dollar to my 2008 Presidential Campaign Fund. And be warned: Cracker is a Duke of Emperors or some shit and has certified training as a chiropractor and a dental assistant, so he knows about ungodly reprisals, particularly the ones that involve excruciating pain. (Punk, on the other hand, is an auto mechanic, and he’ll just make sure you get good and screwed on your next car repair. As far as I can tell Smack isn’t good for anything but an unhealthy amount of weight loss and providing a decent jazz soundtrack to the rituals, but you can’t just have two elves. They come in a three-pack, minimum.)

Also also, suck it, Geico Gecko:


Why is this guy still not banned? Doesn’t Tom read P&R anymore?

for what reason?

Maybe he hasn’t been banned because Tom has a soul and thus (correctly) believes this to be wonderful.

If we are to be denied Cleve and Koontz, can we not at least have Floro?


maybe it is just the LANGUAGE problem plus the main factor that I just learned computer a year ago

and am not use to posting short sentences

As a judge and lawyer

I am used to reply with REASON, plus I copy paste the jurisprudence and links, references, citations
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that IS NOT SPAM legally speaking


I do not copy URLS which do have copyright protections

when I copy news about me ABOUT ME only and not about BUSH or musharaf

I do not violate copyright

since I reply to the news that reported my case and I share it here

If I spam this forum with pervez musharap, Bhutto, or Bush, this is spam

Now, I spent 8 hours googling all PICS of dwarves about my case

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so yesterday,

I uploaded all THE original pictures OF LUIS ARMAND AND ANGEL from the News reports which were made by reporters and bloggers or forum members

PROVING the fact that:

not only in news but even in videos, images or pics

these 3 dwarves DEFEATED even harry pottier and snow white and all those books who are ALL DEAD

all of them are FICTION

With all due respect to you

I am proud that since 1995, in RUSH Forum

no member there ever made a legendary BEST thread of 2006

1,300 replied
viewed by 34,000 viewers

27 pages

nobody there even made a warning to me to be banned

but I was BANNED in some forums where I attacked atheism and wicca wiccans, since they lost in our professional debate

it is just that


It’s like a Doctor Bronner soap bottle come to life.

I for one am intrigued and wish to subscribe to the Judge’s newsletter.

Dear god what just happened?

Harry Potter can’t be defeated, he just comes back to life.

I believe in Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

The funny thing is, I can actually see this as what a generally rational Martian with no knowledge of net culture would actually try doing as an attempt to fit in.

Mr. Floro, sir: you do not need to post short chopped-up sentences. In general it is best to post in a conversational style, but writing at greater length is not a problem. The only standard applied to what you write will be if people find it interesting and worth reading.

I am being totally serious when I say that I hope JudgeFloro stays forever.

I think it’s clear that we all need a little more Floro in our lives.

How the hell did he even find qt3? Did anyone check to see if he has a campaign to promote his case on every message board out there?

He explicitly mentioned posting to 100 forums, and wikipedia.