In the Valley of Gods - Firewatch in the pyramids



In! I’m a sucker for an archaeological dig.


Campo Soldo


Yep, this looks like it could be pretty rad.


Haven’t played Firewatch, but also love this kind of stuff.


Tom has already reviewed this, before its release, and hates the shit out of it.



I am still gonna pre-order. :p


As for me, I could barely tolerate Gone Home, so I am out immediately.


Their last game was Firewatch, did you like that at all @wumpus ?


If he didn’t like Gone Home I’m guessing he wouldn’t like Firewatch!


Nice! Just played Firewatch a couple of days ago actually, it’s short and nice and pretty, so this definitely goes up on my wanted list =)


LOL nice




Are these kinds of games just walking simulators? You just walk around and experience the story?


There’s usually some very mild puzzle solving, and in the case of Firewatch, some dialogue choices.


I absolutely loved this trailer. I also loved Firewatch.


It looks like a game I’ll enjoy, but I really hate those character models. The elongated limbs and exaggerated movements just keep distracting me.


Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the character art, either. Everything else looks great (as did Firewatch). Kind of a bummer.


You probably should play one. Yes, you do “just” do exactly that but oh man, the experience of the best of this genre (for me - Firewatch, Tacoma, Virginia) is leaps and bounds beyond the usual flailing attempts at story telling in vidya games.


This is a cool blog about the making of Zora’s hair. (One of the main characters in ItVoG) [i wonder if that acroynm will catch on? It was awkward to type.]

Building Zora’s hair will be a continual effort that lasts the whole project. Our first milestone for the hair was getting it in shape for our announcement trailer, when Zora was first introduced to the public.

It became clear very early that the way Zora’s hair interacts with light would be a key part of the shader work.

I’m not able to go into the technical details of the shader in this post, but we ended up adding individual controls for each type of lighting we wanted the hair to respond to, based on Claire’s specific concept art: for instance, light striking from the back, from the side, ambiently, and so on. This got finicky, but taught us a lot and provided enough variation to create the trailer.