In the year 2007

I’m sorry, but I do not own that dedicated FPS machine.

You’re saying the PS3 is patch-free?

Then how are you posting in this thread?

Oh, you meant the 360.

Supreme Commander will sell a dissappointing number, and it will get middliing reviews. But that will not stop Total Annihilation fanatics who did buy it to constantly complain and moan and bitch about how it got shafted by stupid media slash gamers slash teenagers. From release to year end, every single RTS themed thread will degenerate into an arguement about Supreme Commander. It will usually start by someone saying an RTS lacks a certain feature that SC has, and therefore SC is a better game that got shafted by the media and stupid gamers blah blah blah.

Supreme Commander will receive high praise for its innovative features and win many awards like its predecessor. Ignorant gamers after playing the game for less than 5 minutes will flock to message boards to bitch and complain about the graphics or not understanding the resource system, or how to use units, or that the game has no personality thus all the mechanics suck. Hopefully the next C&C, Age of Empires, or Warcraft clone will be rolling out of the factory to placate them.

Nicely put, although not exactly going out on a limb there :)

Why does this thread make me think of the song “In the Year 2525”?

I love wikipedia. I just learned that notable humorist Dave Harry has a “VIOLENT[sic] hatred” for this particular song.

Barry, dammit!

Dave Barry!

Barry has violent hatred for a lot of things. Like 1.5 gallon toilets.

Barry, not Harry.

I’m only a little ashamed to admit that I thought of Cleopatra 2525 right off the bat.

Hey man, Cleopatra 2525 used to come on in the same hour as, uh, Total Recall 2070?

That show wasn’t bad. It really should have been called “Blade Runner 2070,” but it wasn’t bad.

No one thought of Conan O’Brien? Or was that just too obvious?

In the yeeeeeeeeear 2000…

Peter Molyneux will release a new game where you can make a giant monkey throw copies of his recent releases!

In the yeeeeeeeeear 2000…

Bethesda jumps on the cover-based gameplay made popular by Gears of War and R6: Vegas and announces ‘Duck and Cover’ control scheme for Fallout 3

In the yeeeeeeeeeear 2000…

Capcom tries to steal the magic of the Guitar Hero series putting Dante in as the star of musical hero rhythm game “Devil May Care”.

In the yeeeeeeeeeeear 2000…

Mr T. gets his own Wii game with gestures to Pity da Fool. The included gold chains to hang between wiimote and nunchuck are recalled due to being a little too heavy.

Just becasue they call it a nunchuck there should be a Bruce Lee game…a Good one.

I predict-
Most games that we drool over will suck
XNA has a mega hit by the end of the year.
A jedi based game for the Wii becomes the best selling game of all time.

Capcom is going to move even more firmly into the 360 camp.

The 360 will gain some traction in Japan as some of the major developers decide to make a bigger play for the American market and announce more “Blue Dragon” type exclusives.

In that vein, the former “Clover” team will announce a 360 exclusive title.

The Wii is going to have a great year. Third party titles we’ll see succeed will diverge dramatically from the traditional :core market" games as the platform becomes essentially the home equivalent of a handheld system.

Metroid fails, but not spectacularly. Many Mario sports games are announced.

Nintendo annnounces a more fully featured sequel to Wii sports.

Lets see how poor I did.

Wrong only about Episode 2

Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 will be annouced but will not ship in 07.

They weren’t annouce but they didn’t ship either.

To expand on HL2: Episode 2, I am predicting that will merg it with what was planned of Episode 3 and release Ep1-3 as Half Life 3: Orange in 2008. TF2 may be released in 2007 as a seperate product…


Mass Effect will end up being a not a big deal like Jade Empire. Lucasarts and Bioware will annouce a new Starwars MMORPG that is not Star Wars Galaxy but in fact based on KOTOR 1/2 story lines and expanded universe.

Beyond wrong

Star Trek Online will be an unexpected sucess.


Sin episode 2 is canceled.


EA will release a new Sim City that will take the series towards a more “animated look” and will be the easiest Sim City yet. It will be out before Spore.


he mega sucess of the 3rd Pirates of the caribbean movie, LucasArts will finally put a new Monkey Island game in production but it will not be an adventure game…

Ugh. Wrong. So so wrong.

Sierra will annouce a new Kings Quest. Watch it be released on gametap like Sam and Max…


Take Two will annouce new versions of Xcom and Civilization…

Wrong on Xcom. :(

The world will be stunned as Interplay actually begins development on Fallout online because the gaming community fails to realize that investors have more money than brains. I don’t expect it to ever finish or ship in any year.

They did higher a single developer!

The Wii will take a significant lead this year. However it will show signs of weakness towards christmas as both the PS3 and Xbox 360 bring out their big titles. The PS3 will stay in 3rd place for 2007 and 2008 but will rise to the top at the end of the generation because of its additional untapped power. The 360 will be sucessful for the entire generation but it will always be second place.

Right (so far)

Atari will be bought and will fad away as a name once again.

Wrong. Still fading though

Vista, DX10, and Live Anywhere will rock…


Guess I was wrong!

[quote]Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 will be annouced but will not ship in 07.

They weren’t annouce but they didn’t ship either.[/quote]

You were more right here than you gave yourself credit for. Starcraft 2 was announced in May 2007.

If there was such a thing as a prediction & divination license, you’d have it revoked by now :)

EA will release a new Sim City that will take the series towards a more “animated look” and will be the easiest Sim City yet. It will be out before Spore.


I can’t really give you a “right” on this. Sim City Societies is not a “new Sim City” in the sense that you meant it. It was never promoted as the successor game to Sim City 4.

Eh, Societies has “Sim City” in the name. It’s a Sim City, just as Civ Rev is a Civ, even if it isn’t “the next Sim City”.