In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


Isn’t the better question “why did this take so long”? Given that the CW slants so heavily into genre fiction territory these days, how did this not happen 5 years ago. Granted, they tried that other show with witches (well, people with magic powers I don’t remember if they were witches) and it failed, so maybe that’s part of the reason.


The first season of Crazy Ex Girlfriend is amazing, but it seems like it’s going off the rails in the second season, I don’t like it as much. It’s better than a lot of things on television though, so I’m a little shocked nobody is watching it.


So this is why folks like the TV Grim Reaper and the TV Cancel Bear have such a rough time of it, given the ever-shifting landscape of “television” right now.

On Wednesday, NBC canceled Timeless. Don’t go looking for cancellation announcements – no one does those anymore. NBC canceled the show simply by doing its up-front presentation for next year, without Timeless on it – or in the list of returning series arriving midseason.

Sony, who produce Timeless, were reluctant to call the hefty marketing budget they put into the show originally into the sunk costs category at least not without a fight. So…they came back to NBC: they’d cut the fee on Timeless to pennies on the dollar, and give NBC some future “consideration”…

…and hey! Whoah, whoah whoah say NBC programming executives. Did we forget to mention Timeless was coming back for season 2? Hahaha! Silly us, because it is!

So we have that rarest of rare birds – a show canceled and then uncanceled within a 3-day window. No word on how many episodes NBC agreed to run, and it may be summer dump fare…but still. For fans of the show, that’s great news, and at least maybe gives the show runners a chance to wrap a story on their own terms.


That’s good yet bizarre news. I liked Timeless and its had a decent following.


According to the Reaper, this happened one other time, also with a Sony show – “Unforgettable” on CBS. Sony wanted to coax another 20 episodes out of it for syndication purposes a few years back and slashed the fee on it to get it a 13 episode summer run for season 3 and a 13 episode midseason filler slot for season 4.


Glad to hear about Timeless’ return as well. Can’t remember much about how last season ended, apart from the fact that it turned out the main female character’s mom was in on the Rittenhouse conspiracy, and I think I remember something about our heroes meeting some old guy decades later that they’d met as a young man.


I’m kind of bummed about Last Man Standing. This not a show I look forward to each week but something I watched almost weekly to be amused and just relax. Is’t that what many sitcoms are for? They can’t all be huge like Bing Bang and Modern Family.


This was another harbinger of a new trend in renewals/cancellations. LMS had solid ratings and wasn’t all that expensive and did pretty well for its time slot…

…but we saw a wave of non-network produced shows like this one (Dr. Ken another) that got cancelled mostly because they were 3rd party creations. That’s always been something of a factor when shows on the very edge of being canceled or renewed were under consideration, but this year a bias towards in-house productions claimed some shows that looked as if they were safe for renewal.


Yeah, someone explained this here before, could have been you. I mostly understand the in-house vs third party tilt. I still don’t see how pumping out a bunch of in-house shows that get canceled next year is better than a solid third party show. And yes, I am biased because I think these shows that aren’t super stars are worth watching… coming from someone who thinks there is so little value to most shows that she doesn’t pay for cable TV anymore.


I’m really thankful that ABC renewed Speechless which is my favorite new comedy of the past several years along with American Housewife which is also right up there. Plus The Goldbergs got a two-year deal. I cut cable some months back, and these are a big reason why I keep Hulu. (No ABC over-the-air reception where I live without an outdoor antenna.)


Carmichael show is done…


Kind of a misleading headline there, considering it was Jerrod Carmichael that said he wanted to end the show. That’s different from the network not picking it up for another season, which is normally what I associate with “such and such show canceled”.

I love the show. I will be sad to see it go. But I think Jerrod is right in that he’s covered a lot of issues already, and said what he wanted to say. I would recommend the show to everyone. It’s a great look at the issues of our time from a slightly different angle than usual.


That’s really odd because Jerrod has been doing a ton of press lately. Maybe he is getting bigger things thrown his way.


Sad to hear, my one friend really liked it, I only ever watched the first season.


I would like to see a new Farscape series. Mmmmm.


Cheesy show, but I enjoy it. I do hope it manages to find a new home. The article indicates that the actor playing Flynn has a role in another show and may have availability issues. I would be totally okay with less Flynn on the show.


Yeah its one of those “dont over think it” kind of shows that you watch just for fun. A guilty pleasure if you will. It was actually doing fine ratings wise so I am not sure why it got dropped but it has a fair shot at catching on somewhere else.


I thought that the cancel bear had this as a likely renewal, so it isn’t surprising. I love crazy ex gf, and it consistently is well reviewed. I think that the case of Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna the network wants to keep them happy and produce future shows for them.

Netflix numbers could be a factor too, as the show drops on Netflix as soon as the season finishes each year.


The post you’re replying to is 15 months old. :D

That said, CEG is a likely renew. Jane may be in trouble. CW expanding their schedule to weekends and needs more content for next fall, which may be what saves those two shows and iZombie.


Also, the last person watching scripted, same-day commercial OTA TV, could you get the lights on your way out? Yikes.