In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


Quality is usually inversely proportional to ratings when it comes to sitcoms since about 1990. Or at least the best sitcoms very rarely get good ratings and are often cancelled after a season or two. Seinfeld is probably the only exception (from what I understand, for reasons I won’t go into now I never watched much of it).

I’m very curious about what Netflix’s sitcom numbers are like, because I get the impression that there’s more buzz around, say, Kimmy Schmidt than there would be if it were on a network, but equally, they made Fuller House and at least publicly they seem happy with its performance.


Yeah, that looks dead and buried.

Too many Satan/demon shows – Lucifer, Legion – not enough audience.


Sounds like we need more heavy metal and ritual candle burning for today’s youths


After Sunday’s episode I’m convinced that B99 is not only probably the best comedy on TV right now (or at least among them, maybe tied)… it is one of the best shows on TV right now, period.


Loved the moment where Rosa tells Gina to “Get in here” on the group hug.


NBC renews AP Bio, the show that features Glen Howerton and Patton Oswalt. Lousy ratings, but supposedly a good show (I refused to watch until I knew it’d get renewed; now I will!)


I didn’t care for the first episode so I didn’t bother to DVR it.


Maybe it gets better, but the first three episodes just felt like a watered down version of Dennis from Always Sunny and not much else to support it.


I don’t see how you people can watch so much TV.


We don’t actually play games here. We collect them.


Not sure if anyone watches Outlander (I never have) , season 4 starts soon and it was renewed for Seasons 5 and 6.


There will be no season 5, they want to wrap it up with a movie.


And so there are 81 shows not coming back.


It’s a bit shlocky and whatnot, but for what it is, I enjoy it.


One of the things about series that air on Hulu, Netflix, and Prime: they know exactly what the viewership numbers are within any given window of time. No need for Nielsens!


One of my friends really, really wants me to watch this. I am… considering it.


I was very tempted by Outlander ever since I found out it was a series developed by Ronald D. Moore. I’m a big fan of his from Deep Space Nine and then Battlestar Galactica. So I will definitely check out Outlander eventually, even though a time travel romance premise didn’t sound that great to me. But Ron Moore knows how to make a good, compelling show.


Booo to it ending, but yay to it ending on their terms. I guess.


Outlander is fun, and like Peter Falk once said, as you get older you tend to not mind all the kissy parts so much.

It’s the equivalent of junk food ice cream…but it’s really good gourmet junk food ice cream.


Sadly, it just got canceled.