In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


Also hard to see Gotham surviving. Very low ratings, FOX doesn’t own it, and its time slot will be taken by 10 NFL games next fall.

Remote possibility that CW picks it up for their DC stuff. Warner Brothers owns the show.


Awwww man. :(

Oh well, it was still a great ride. It’s totally worth watching.


Did we ever get to Batman? I remember checking out sometime after one of Gordon’s crazy ex’es assaulted the PD which has the worst perimeter security of any building except STAR Labs.



Ugh, B99 hurts, it hurts so much.


Hopefully Universal finds a buyer for B99 because the karmic payload for canceling that show right now might destroy Fox altogether if they don’t.


So mad/sad right now.


Fox went HAM on their comedy shows.



The only thing on that list Im going to miss is Game shakers. Since it was a nice break from my daughter watching Henry Danger.


B99 and Last Man on Earth were two of the handful of shows my wife and I kept up with on Hulu. Not thrilled, though Last Man on Earth quality seemed very uneven…the characters were too often acting stupider than normal this season. B99 though…I had no idea that show was struggling in the ratings. That’s a shocker to me.


So how often do cancelled shows actually get rescued by other networks, streaming or otherwise? Surely there’s some list out there somewhere, but all I could find is a Wikipedia article on TV “revivals” which isn’t really the same thing.


It doesn’t happen too often.

HULU picked up The Mindy Show a few years ago when FOX cut it, and it didn’t really take off for them either. In this specific case, I think the deal was sweetened by HULU getting syndication rights to episodes of the show that had aired previously when the show was on network TV.

CBS I think canceled and un-canceled two shows in recent memory: Jericho and Unforgettable. Jericho lasted another 13 episodes, Unforgettable managed two more seasons.

Finally, when Yahoo was trying to do TV a few years ago, they picked up Community after NBC dropped it. The Yahoo only 6-episode season was pretty meh, and that was that.

One interesting show that got multiple seasons after being sort of canceled before it ever aired was Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. That show was originally set to air on NBC, but NBC backed out after seeing a few episodes before it every got to the screen. They already had sunk money into it, and sold the broadcast rights to Netflix in what I assume was some kind of joint deal where both have a little bit of an ownership stake.


From the article I posted in the B99 thread, there was also Scrubs and Medium which switched networks from their original networks.



Yep, Scrubs went to ABC for seasons 8 and 9, both of which were…eesh.

And TBS picked up Cougar Town, which…yeah. Big news for fans of Cougar Town, back in the day.

And Netflix picked up Longmire for a 4th and final season. They did the same with The Killing. Both were short-season, 10-13 episode shows, which seems more in the Netflix wheelhouse than a 22-episode half-hour sitcom.


I just want to know what we need to mail where in order to get it renewed or moved.

Something like this:


Heh. The problem with that “Save our Show” stuff – like the Jericho example – is that it ended up being a terrible decision for the network.

They brought the show back for 7 episodes for season 2. And the show got even worse ratings, despite all the publicity. If you’re CBS, or any network, you’re thinking “Not gonna do that again.”


Timeless is another, and the one I couldn’t think of from last year.

NBC canceled it, but Sony reallllllllly wanted it to get another shot, so NBC renewed it as a late-season 2018 replacement. And the ratings have suuuuuuuucked. But Sony is footing the bill, so it is what it is. It’s probably done for good this time around, unless Sony wants to fully subsidize their money pit for yet another year.


Everyone is rightly very upset about Brooklyn 99 being cancelled (I’m fucking livid, but I’m at least hopeful someone will pick it up as it sounds like it has a huge audience and it’s done well for Hulu, who is one of several studios to reach out to Universal at the least in an exploratory capacity, so fingers crossed) but I want to also be very vocal about how mad I am that The Mick, one of my favorite new comedies, was also cancelled. Dammit. That show was fantastic. :(