In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


That’s pretty good.

Still not sure how AP Bio got renewed, unless NBC is trying to cozy up to Oswalt for future projects.


There’s also Futurama and arguably Arrested Development, though you could say that’s more of a revival.


Season 6 of ‘Community’ had 13 episodes, not 6. Just saying.


Season 8 of Scrubs was OK. Season 9 wasn’t really Scrubs.


What is Brooklyn 99?


Family Guy was cancelled in 2002 and came back 3 years later. Almost forgot about that one since it’s so successful now.


Every show that just got renewed, take one step forward.

Not so fast there, Lucifer.

See me in the office please.


Wait? What in the fuck? I thought it was doing fine in the ratings?!??

Edit: Got Damn the Disney deal has just blown up Fox’s TV stuff.


It was doing pretty well, or seemed well enough, at least.

Looks like a case of there being other shows that did better, expensive show, and…I dunno.


I kind of wonder if someone in charge is very Christian or something…


And hates funny police officers.


Now I’m sad.



Designated Survivor?

Sadly, now Designated casualty of the 2018 TV season. Canceled.


And a hearty FU to Syfy as they have cancelled The Expanse. The best sci fi series on tv just got whacked.


This is a brutal fucking cancellation season. That show is awesome too.


The Expanse wasn’t actually a SyFy show, it was made by Alcon, so it has more of a chance than a typical network show of being picked up by someone else. (SyFy only got the live broadcast rights and nothing else, so they didn’t care how popular it was on streaming networks for example.)

Crossing my fingers. Season 3 has been where the show has really found it’s voice IMO.


Sad that Lucifer got the axe but I do like the irony in this announcement: CBS has greenlit a new show God Friended Me. Yep its exactly what it sounds like. God “friends” an atheist on social media. Bye Bye Luci and hello Face Book Jesus.


Ack… also saw that GREAT NEWS was canceled. :(

as was The Exorcist… :(


Those have been known cancellations since back in November when the networks opted out of picking up the back nine episodes. That’s basically a de facto cancellation.