In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show




iZombie gets a season 5 pickup, however. I’m happy about that one!


The only thing that’s important. Rick and Morty got 70 freaking new episodes on the way.



Confirmed. Wow!!


Happy about the renewal for multiple reasons.


Just want to also say in this thread as well…

Holy fucking shit I’m so happy.


Nearing completion on the first season, I’m pretty pumped myself. I’m also a little in love with Diaz.


And she’s a Stephens girl, so… (Sorry, inside joke that probably only means anything to people who went to college in Columbia MO).




What’s you opinion on Pontiac’s? :D


No one wants this. :)


Lucifer, Designated Survivor, Quantico and the Expanse. All shows the wife watches. I think Taken too. She’s going to be disappointed when she gets back from vacation.


Looking forward to seeing what happens next season with Scorpion or Superior Donuts?

Good luck with that.


This was the crazy MAD HAX0R crew of criminal miscreants outdoes FBI, CIA in super secret agent insanity like hacking an airplane via dangling ethernet cable as it takes off show created by a crazy fraudulent guy who claimed to have been a SOUPER SEKRIT government agent for many years with absolutely no proof of halfway believable background details, right?

Cuz man, I kinda wanted to get into that. It sounded like a glorious hot mess.


My in-laws showed me an episode where two of the main characters are discovered hiding in a closet at the start of a commercial break. After the break, they’re outside the building with no explanation.


That’s still on?


I was disappointed, but not surprised, that Alex, Inc. didn’t get picked up. I mean, sure, it was Zach Braff being Zach Braff. And I may have been the one person watching it. But I liked Tiya Sircar (Vicki on ‘The Good Place’), and the kid that played the son. And the assistant Hillary Anne Mathews. It wasn’t a great show, but showed a little heart. I think mostly, it was forgettable. It wasn’t something I would go out of my way to watch. But I more/less enjoyed it when it was on.


I watched faithfully up till this season. This show like many shows, went downhill after the lead man (Walter) and lead woman (Paige)ended up together.



Interesting speculation by the Grim Reaper just now.

Apparently the precipitating factor on Scorpion’s cancellation (as a 4-season show) was CBS Syndication’s inability to sell the show’s rights for rebroadcast, or to find any interest in the price range they were looking.

And a lot of the CBS Friday-Sunday schedule is basically underwritten shows that are carried with the purpose of selling off down the line. Should that money hose be drying out…look out below.