In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


Coming to NBC this fall, a new series from the producers behind the two top rated scripted dramas in television. Following the complex and often poignant stories of several people and families both before and after the zombie apocalypse, you’ll be on the edge of your seat when you’re not ugly crying into your throw pillow. Don’t miss “This Was Us”, premiering Sundays this fall on NBC.






Anyway, ABC now finds itself with a half-hour open space for a situational comedy. :)


Maybe they’ll give one to Stephen Seagal.



They should just buy the TV broadcast rights for JCVD, man. That shit was hilarious.

(Yes, I am purposefully missing half the joke about how Seagal has views just as odious)


Any other Lucifer fans, hope you didn’t miss this news (a couple bonus episodes aired):


They were pretty good! I still have a faint hope the show will get picked up somewhere, but I’m not holding my breath. At least The Expanse was saved.


I’m still hoping against hope that Timeless comes back.


I’m afraid its time has run out.


Lucifer has been resurrected! D:


Awesome! I think now every show that I was upset about being cancelled has come back. I’m very happy.


So I guess this means I should give Lucifer a try someday? Seems to have quite a dedicated fan base.


It’s pure popcorn entertainment. Nothing super meaningful or amazing. It takes a handful of episodes to hit its stride, of course.


The main actor really carries the show. He is great in the role. Not to dismiss the rest of the cast but Ellis really owns it.


Yeah, it’s one of the shows that the wife loves that I’ve been drawn into. Mainly for Tom Ellis.


Seems that Timeless is just about dead. Even the hope of a movie is fading.


I am very annoyed.

I started watching Lucifer on a whim a few weeks ago on Hulu and Sunday I made it to season 3 (I’m really enjoying this show!) only to find out I had 2 days with which to watch the 26 episode season 3. Not happening. I made it to… 8, I think. Now this morning as threatened, it’s gone (well, the last 5 episodes are available for some reason, but I don’t want to skip the more than a dozen episodes I would miss out on to catch up).

Any idea when the missing shows will appear on Netflix, by chance? I assume they will, didn’t Netflix pick up Lucifer for a season 4?


Lucifer WAS renewed by Netflix this year for season 4 so I think you’ll get the other seasons on Netflix sooner or later.