In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


No clue when the old seasons will arrive, but production on season 4 is expected to end in December.


I finished up with season 3 of Code Black, it wrapped so much stuff up it was like they already knew it wasn’t getting renewed.

All in all it was a great medical show, and I am sad it won’t be on next year.



Yay! I watch it mostly for the characters.


Ah nice, glad I didn’t delete it from the DVR. Now to catch up!


I’ll have to catch up on Hulu. I think I was 3 episodes into the 2nd season and enjoying it so far.


I wish more channels would do this, giving us a “conclusion” if they decide not to renew a long running series. I guess if they don’t think a show is financially worth renewing, it’s not financially worth giving us a two hour conclusion, but from a courtesy to fans perspective, it sure would be nice giving the writers an opportunity to clean up any cliff hangers or loose ends.


Fear the Walking Dead Season 5

Better Call Saul Season 5


Basically, thank Sony. Or their PR department. They’re the ones who basically are paying NBC to to air the concluding movie.


Glad Timeless won’t just disappear, though they really need a whole season to wrap it up. But two episodes is better than nothing.





I is sad… but it’s mostly voluntary which means they should be able to wrap up nicely.


Ghosted was canceled in the middle of the summer, I don’t think anyone even noticed.


Not surprised. I wanted to like the show but it just wasn’t very good. Whatever they were trying to do, it didnt work at all.


I did and I was kind of bummed. My son and I are both fans of the two leads, and we liked the show when it first aired, and really thought they did a great job with retooling it. Kind of a shame they couldn’t make it work.


Yeah, we too really liked Ghosted, mostly because of the leads.


Summer shows. Hard to care much.


No more fists!


That’s odd - the second season was much better recieved and actually kind of awesome, with a fantastic-

Of course, while out for the count at Netflix, the tale of billionaire Danny Rand and Colleen Wing may “live on,” to quote Friday’s statement, on other platforms. That “other” being the streaming service that Disney is expected to launch next year,

Oh, I see what’s going on here. Gross.