In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


That statement sound a lot like “you didn’t fire me, I quit.”


Cya Luke Cage!


21 posts in the Luke Cage thread discussing there, too.


ABC orders new scripts – not episodes – for A Million Little Things, Splitting Up Together, The Rookie, and The Kids are Alright.

That’s probably OK-ish news for The Rookie and Kids…and probably terrible news for the other two shows. When a network – particularly ABC – orders new scripts but not shows, that’s basically like your girlfriend telling you she doesn’t necessarily want to break up, but she does maybe want to “explore her options.” When ABC has done this in the past with rookie shows, it usually is the kiss of death. Maybe not, in this case. ABC may be doing something different.

The reason it maybe isn’t bad news for The Rookie and Kids is that both of those shows have only aired a single episode (the other two shows are 3-4 episodes deep now), and both earned pretty good ratings. A new scripts order that soon for shows that have aired a single episode may be them foreshadowing potential full season episode orders.

Oh, also the vapid show Happy Together – which was the lowest-scored show we reviewed back in July – looks pretty doomed. CBS handed out a bunch of full-season orders this past week to rookie shows, and Happy Together wasn’t on the list. Looks like it’s dead.


Good cop is gone. Never watched it but I did hear about it.


Never heard of it, but then I don’t watch procedurals.


Wow, they actually dug-up Tony Danza?


I forgot I was watching this. Oops.


We watched the first episode but couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to watch any more. It seemed very much like a by-the-numbers procedural show. Plus the main guy was pretty bland.


Yeah, I think part of the very gimmick itself (his being such a straight arrow) was kind of counter to what makes fun TV.


And back out to pasture with Murphy Brown:

Didn’t get a full season order, so not unexpected. Although it’s a little interesting that a network would actually announce a cancellation this early. Must be someone involved needed an announcement they were free of commitments for 2019.


Axe just officially fell on “Happy Together” too, which also didn’t pick up a back 9 order.

Just a dreadfully unfunny show.


Man, it must be bad when one is a huge fan of the original Murphy Brown and completely forgot there’s a new one. Ah well, for the best I suppose.


I watched the first episode (MB reboot), and thought it was OK considering it was setting up what had gone on in the intervening years. And then I watched the second episode - and turned it off after 5 minutes. I loved the first go-around. This go-around was nothing but forced jokes and a terrible laugh-track. I really wanted to like it, and who knows, maybe it got better, but those first five minutes of the second episode were enough to drive me away.


That is really sad to hear, but I guess it’s proof that some things need to be left alone.


So true, I heard the new CHARMED is also doing very poorly in the ratings department. But its the CW so who knows it might get a 2nd season anyway.


Guh, where’s my new Space Above and Beyond, dammit?


Regarding reboots/continuations, I’ve really been enjoying Will and Grace again on NBC-- you just can’t get much better than an ensemble that includes Megan Mullaly (sp?) and Sean Hayes. I did watch the first Murphy Brown episode and liked it but never got around to watching any more of them.