In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


The First turned out to be the only season.

Season 2 for this show I know nothing about!

Also Julia Roberts not returning for season 2 of Homecoming.


Yay Kominsky Method! Those two are so good. I love that show.


I understand your point, but I’m going to concur with Quaro and the rest that Magicians really does get better. The first season is rough, too dark, and at least one or two episodes that are even worse. The turn-around in season 2, and yet again in season 3 is remarkable. The characters I thought I liked least become the best. The 3rd season is outright fun.


We need a thread where we list shows that are better in season 2 and onward.


I agree although I’d say it’s the ones that greatly improve from 1 to 2 as opposed to the ones that gradually keep the magic going.

I guess I missed the new when Better Later Than Never was cancelled. Bummer. I thought Season 2 was still fun.


Me too, although it doesn’t surprise me that it’s gone. There’s a limited amount of mileage left on those old guys.


Yeah but that was the fun part right, like watching this old guys do young things with marginal but often humorous success. It sounds like ratiings dropped 40% from season 1 to 2, ouch. I don’t even know if anything I do gets counted for ratings anymore.

I guess I liked, I have one show still on NBC left, This is Us. I thought NBC wasn’t on HULU but I guess they just did weirdo things with Blacklist because that was definitely taken off it.


I did not know about this show. Now I want to watch it. :(


If I were a fan of the Magnum PI reboot (which at least in the trailers looks way better than I ever expected), I’d be nervous about a second season ever happening. CBS ran an episode on Sunday after the NFL game and it got big ratings…but then they ran another episode Monday and it drew a 0.7.

Feels like CBS was throwing a hail mary with the Sunday episode to see if they could jump start things…and it failed. And its hard to imagine a more favorable environment for the show than it got last night. It doesn’t look like an inexpensive show, either, so if I’m a CBS exec, I’m thinking it might be time to stop throwing resources at it.


Oh! Also I hadn’t seen it yet, but apparently FOX is not going to be doing scripted series on Friday nights next year (so…reality? MMA/UFC? Cops?). That means perhaps fewer renewals for Fox from this year to next.


This is good to know. I watched the first season and it felt a little bit to dark and serious and, honestly, kind of gross sometimes (what’s up with all the amputation?!) so it’s fun to hear it steers away from that a little. I’ll have to check out season 2 then, I really did like the characters and world building.


I’ve been watching and enjoying the new Magnum, so I hope things turn around for it.


It starts with Buffy (actually, it starts when Spike kills the “Annoying” One!).


Same here. I do like it quite a bit, but I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t get a second season. There are too many people who can’t handle changes to beloved old TV shows. My parents won’t watch it simply because Higgins is now female, regardless of how much ass she kicks.


Add me to the list of fans of the new Magnum. At first I was skeptical that it would hold up, but the writers seem to have captured the spirit of what made the original series so fun to watch. It’s just the right mix of action, mystery, friend/buddy comedy, story with heart and promotional video for Hawaii. New Magnum and New Higgins are decent, but I like New Rick and New T.C. a lot, and they’ve been featured in the stories fairly consistently, which helps spread the acting load around enough that Magnum doesn’t have to carry the show every time (and that’s a good thing).

I really hope they get a second season to keep improving the show.


The new Higgins is my favorite part of the show. I watched the first episode with little expectation that I would continue and I am now hooked. Will be disappointed if it doesn’t get renewed.


OK now you guys have made me curious. Is the new Magnum on Hulu?

(for me, it’s hard to imagine him as anyone but Tom Selleck)


It’s amazing to me how jealously CBS still guards this news. They teased a mystery a lot before the show first started. Magnum is back! And you won’t believe who Higgins is!

As someone who doesn’t watch the show, I never did find out who Higgins is or isn’t, because they continue to never show who Higgins is in the previews. I guess maybe they want it to be a surprise to anyone who starts binge-watching the show at some later point. I only know Higgins is female because of Qt3. It’s never been revealed in any of the previews I’ve seen so far.


The main trailer for the show from the summer announce launch has all the Higgins you could want. Wasn’t that much of a mystery.


No, but has them all (the recent ones you can watch for free, but older episodes going back to the pilot require some sort of CBS All Access - but you could get a free trial looks like, and catch up for the low price of remembering to cancel).