In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


That makes sense. A few years ago, Netflix was partnering with just about everyone to make content for their service. Now they have several successful shows they own/produce themselves, so no need to revenue share with anyone anymore. Seems like they’re looking to buy out their partners (as they did with the BBC for Last Kingdom) and if that’s not feasible and terms can’t be renegotiated, they’ll just end the show.


It’s all about IP. You need to own your shows. Otherwise, the partners who own those shows will take it back for their own service.


It’s also worth pointing out regarding the Netflix Marvel series: apparently casts have been released from their contracts.

If Disney + ever does a Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, etc. show, it’s going to be a reboot and not with the crew who did the current shows.


Luke Cage himself is already cast in a new CBS show.


That’s a shame. I think a good portion of the success of the Netflix/Marvel shows was due to the strength of the cast.

But then again, how many Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?) have we had in the 2000s? Three? Four? Eight?


I can get up to twelve on the big screen if I include the post-credits Into the Spider-Verse scene, and there’s a chance I’m still forgetting some.


Im not sure where I read it but apparently there is a 2 year lockout, from the cancellation point of each show before Marvel can start reviving any of those properties. Anything these actors do now will not necessarily stop them from taking back their roles if the shows get brought back to life. Of course that doesn’t mean that Disney wants them back anyway. I figure those shows will never happen again with the original casts and that’s a shame. I liked most of them but the way they redeemed Iron Fist in season 2 from the mess it was in season one made me really want to see a season 3, especially with that awesome glimpse of the future they gave us at the end.


There is a two-year lockout, yes.

And once actors are released from contract, bringing them back typically becomes so expensive it simply is no longer worth trying to do.



FOX and the CW.

Two follow-up questions posed by the Grim Reaper in a similar vein:

Which scripted major network TV series has the highest percentage of male viewership?

Which series has the lowest percentage of male viewership (and thus the highest viewership among females?)


Highest male viewership is The Simpsons, at 61%.

Highest female viewership is Grey’s Anatomy, with only 27% male viewership.


The CW is a very surprising answer.


Part of it, I think is a factor of smaller viewership as a whole. It doesn’t take a lot of male viewers to boost that overall percentage.


I don’t watch it but I have heard its funny.

Renewed for 2 seasons!


Meh to the power of meh.


Strikes me as a less funny version of Small Wonder. If that is possible…


That is like a negative velocity, black-hole vacuum of funny.

Which is a pretty accurate assessment. :D


They also carry a heavy slate of superhero shows. That tends to draw the male viewer as well. They come for the superheroes and figure dealing with the angsty drama is part of the price tag.


I resemble this remark. I watch all the CW superhero shows.


God, why do you do that to yourself? ;)


@ineffablebob How has Supergirl held up? I only ever watched the first season.


Not great. Supergirl herself is still charming and portrayed well by Benoist, but the writing aspires to be average at best. There are dumb plots, plots that have people acting out or character, and clunky dialog throughout.

To its credit(?) it’s pretty consistent, whereas Flash and Legends have had awesome and truly wretched seasons.

Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) has been missed since being written out after season one (save a couple cameos), so that might feel like a big change if you jump back in, but otherwise it feels pretty much the same to me.