In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


Same reason you play space games that I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot mouse cord!

Lots more of the same, except no Ally McBeal being all snarky and smart. You’re not going to get great fight scenes or storytelling. Most everything comes down to good feelings and compassion winning the day. Character development and some really good acting (especially Benoist) are the main reasons to watch. And seeing comic book favorites on screen, which is enough of a hook for me.


I actually enjoy this one. The two younger kids are cute (and the kid playing Sheldon really sells it) and Annie Potts is in it. Also, Zoe Perry, who plays Sheldon’s mom, is by a weird coincidence the daughter IRL of Laurie Metcalf, who plays current-day Sheldon’s mom.


Okay, this is kind of amazing.


Yeah it is.


Or its genetics.


The amazing part isn’t that she has a daughter, rshetts.


I’m with rshetts. If you’re a casting the part of a much-younger version of an established and existing character, and find out that the actress playing the existing older character has a daughter who also is an actress and is available, that’s kinda where I’m going to start (and end) my search to cast that new part.

That’s not really a “weird coincidence” at all.


It’s crazy that she A) had a younger sister that was also B) also an actress and C) right enough for the part to get cast. It’s not exactly common. You think casting directors are constantly just like “hey does your younger sibling want to be an actress?”


It’s her daughter, and it really isn’t that crazy that a daughter of two actors – Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Perry – would also become an actor. And if you were in that situation and you were a TV actor and available and heard that someone was creating a role for a series of your mother, only 25-30 years younger, and you were within that age range that you’d read for that part.


Okay, triggercut, I guess you are right and it’s not kind of awesome or crazy.


Can we compromise and settle on “neat”?


No, I am now firmly in the “mundane” camp.


Indeed, it is! It’s a pretty neat casting decision. But it was not some random coincidental thing that just happened, either.


I’m sorry that I disagreed with you in a civil manner, and that doing so seemed to make you angry. That wasn’t my intention.


I have no idea why you would think I’m angry.

No, it’s not, it’s just genetics. You were with rhetts, remember. It’s totally normal.


It can be genetics that lead to a neat casting decision. They are not exclusive to one another.

However, the premise originally posted that you agreed with was that the casting was a “weird coincidence”, which it kind of wasn’t. It wasn’t random chance. Just a neat and interesting casting decision. :)


In related news, Supergirl continues its relentless march toward hiring every single person who has ever portrayed any sort of Super[person] in any medium ever.

[Pretend I had a link to a recent news article here. I’m like 1.5 years behind in my Supergirl watching, so I’m just now getting to the point where they replaced Kara’s mom’s actor with the lady who used to play Lois Lane on Smallville]


Brooklyn 99 gets a 7th season from NBC.


Best news all day.